Shiona’s Stolen-From-Solange Playlist and a Thigh Workout to Try at Home


Shiona Turini, fashion editor, Formation stylist and Oh Boy alumni is on a get-fit mission. Want to catch up? Read about how she decided to forget about a “size” and focus on getting strong instead, then save your hair from sweat (before it hits) and try her workout.

Solange Knowles is my thigh-spiration. Hers are lean and toned but not aggressively so, and they look achievable. Like, I could get those thighs if only she explained how she works out.

Except that she doesn’t work out. She’s just blessed. I know. Get mad with me.

But as we’ve built our friendship over the years, what I’ve learned is that even though she doesn’t go to the gym to do squats and lunges, she gets DOWN. Solange is always dancing around.

Which brings me to her musical tastes. She has a very diverse musical library. Riding in a car with her is a rhythmic experience of it’s own; all the different sounds and genres that pour out of her speakers make you feel smarter, if that makes sense.

And smarter’s excellent. So if I can’t have her natural thighs, at least I have her playlist.

But I’m not letting her, or myself, off the hook so easy. There’s still plenty thigh strengthening to be done. The good news is that all of the below moves can be done in the air-conditioned comfort of your home.

What I’m about to show you are 3 moves based off a workout called “Lunge Capacity,” found on the new Nike+ Training Club app. That app is awesome; it’s like having a personal trainer in your phone without the hole-in-your-pocket-thing. Best of both worlds right here right now: Nike trainer Alex Silver-Fagan coached me through the below so I could show you guys via GIF and together, we could have a thigh-dance party together. Ready? Let’s GO!

Lateral Bound


It’s good for: Core stability, balance, power. Inner and outer thighs, gluts, hamstrings and quads. AKA, lower body power and core strength.

Number of recommended reps: 10 reps each side

Frequency: Do this two to three times a week on lower body

How to: Start in a standing position. Hop to the right and land balancing on your right leg while reaching your right arm toward the right foot (lots of rights). At the same time, your left leg should reach behind your right leg. Then immediately hop to the left and land balancing the same way.

Try to get as high and as far as you can each time. Spend as little time on the ground as possible.

Important things to know: Keep your chest lifted and stay light on your feet. Try to keep the knee of your landing leg in line with your bottom foot.

Plank Saw


It’s good for: The core

Number of recommended reps: 20 reps

Frequency: Four to five times a week

How to: Holding a plank, brace your core and gluts and keep your back flat. Now shift forward on your toes and move out over your elbows as far as you can, then slide back while keeping your body parallel with the floor.

Important things to know: Gluts should stay engaged. Don’t let your lower back dip. Push the floor away with your forearms to keep your upper back engaged.

Step-Up With Knee Drive


It’s good for: The glut and quad of each foot doing the stepping, core for stabilization

Number of recommended reps: 8 to 10 reps on each leg

Frequency: Two to three times a week on lower body

How to: Stand facing a box or step with your feet hips-width apart. Step on the box with your right foot, pushing through your heel to stand up as you drive your left knee to your chest and balance at the top. Step down and repeat all reps (8-10) on one leg before moving to the next.

Important things to know: Challenge yourself by resisting the urge to place your left foot on the box before you balance. Try to keep that foot from touching the box until you switch legs. Don’t round your shoulders forward. Stay upright with your chest tall and spine long.

Sweating? Same.

Photographs and Gifs by Krista Anna Lewis. 

Check out Shiona’s website and follow her on Instagram @shionat. Follow Alex Silver-Fagan on Instagram, @alexsilverfagan. Silver-Fagan is a Nike Trainer, a Wilhelmina model, CITYROW instructor, Solace Coach, personal trainer, TEAM and Cellucor sponsored athlete. 


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