Brand Collaborations

One of the ways we keep the lights on at Man Repeller is by partnering with brands we believe in to create great content.  We are extremely selective about the brands we work with, and retain editorial control of all content we publish across all platforms. We don’t publish stories written by brands, and we don’t allow brands to edit our content. It’s a unique stance we’ve taken, and it means we say “no” a lot, but from the start we’ve applied the same high standards of quality to our collaborations as we do to all our content. And we’ll always let you know if content is part of a collaboration. 

How can I tell what’s part of a paid collaboration?

Transparency matters. We stand behind everything we publish — paid or otherwise — and without collaborations we wouldn’t be able to make some of our favorite content (h/t to NARS for partnering with us to create Adventures in Beauty Vlogging). So, we have the following elements in place to make sure you can easily tell when content is part of a paid collaboration:

Collaborations on are identified by:

–  a “Collaborations” or “Sponsored by” heading at the top of the story, above the title

– Italicized copy at the beginning of the story stating that it is part of a collaboration, naming the brand partner, and linking to this page

– Inclusion in the “Collaborations” category within the site

– “Collaboration” or “Sponsored By” above the author’s name in the homepage and category feeds

Collaborations on Social are identified by:

– The Paid Partnership disclaimer on Facebook and Instagram (example here and here) which states that a post is paid above the image

– #MRPartner dedicated hashtag with brand partner tagged

A Note on Social

In the past we’ve used a different hashtags, or stated in the copy of a social post when we’ve partnered with a brand. We’ve since transitioned over to using a single hashtag, #MRPartner, for consistency, clarity, and tracking purposes.

Affiliate Partners

Our shoppable picks are linked through various affiliate programs, so if you ultimately decide to purchase a product or service mentioned on Man Repeller, we receive compensation from that purchase (thank you!). We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. We also work with BAM-X and RewardStyle, and will update this section regularly as we grow our affiliate network to give you the best recommendations!