Let Loose and Buy Yourself All The Flowers

If you’re really committed to letting loose, add a Hawaiian shirt to your shopping cart, too.

I was gifted a yellow rose at the ripe age of twelve. Not just any rose: it was made of leather petals, sat atop a wire stem and was sprayed with fragrance. It will never die, my crush assured.

That’s an embellishment, but I certainly told myself something along those lines.  Can you blame me? A gift from a boy I like-liked and publicly given, no less, during a field trip to the Renaissance Fair. I was already ecstatic with the souvenir I had: a glitter-dipped, technicolor wax mold of my own hand that, admittedly, came out looking rather mangled. This sweeping romantic gesture was the cherry on top of a giant turkey leg and that feeling would last long into the summer.

It’s a good feeling, having flowers. Thanks to the beauty of convenience and my generation’s gravitation toward the treat yo’ self mantra, I’m easily cajoled into routinely buying them for myself. Something in my brain insists I cannot leave Trader Joe’s without at least two bouquets and a bag of pita chips. Plus maybe a jar of Cookie Butter. I don’t mean to grab ranunculuses and hydrangeas on my way to check out either, but I do. And that’s a good thing.

Flowers are serious mood enhancers, which is something I’ve always blamed on the occasion behind them — like that one scene from Big Fish where Ewan McGregor magically shows up with a million daffodils. It’s not the flowers, it’s the person standing with them.

Well, in that case it might actually just be all those flowers. Bad example.

Several case studies clued me into the fact that just seeing flowers in the morning not only made participants happier, but had long lasting effects. They were more energized, creative, and less anxious throughout the day.

Do you know what else does that? Running. Guess which of the two didn’t make me accidentally heave up half of a cashew earlier?

Flowers do no harm. When it comes to fashion, they’re met with the, “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking,” Miranda Priestly-style sigh. They’re predictable. Okay. But we also see actual flowers every spring and summer, and we’re not bored by that. We don’t think, so annoying.  When the cherry blossoms bloom, we freak out. We Instagram every corner and leave no sun emoji behind. We mouth “so cute” to strangers walking their dogs. Because it’s finally warm and we get to cheerfully witness it!

A sweeping suggestion: buy yourself all the flowers. Poppies for your shoes, swimsuits and jackets. Tulips for your office and bedroom.  Dandelion root and roses for your tea. Violets for your perfume. Carnations for anyone who isn’t French (there, they tend to be reserved for funerals). Actually, just buy your best friend her favorite flower. She might need it. And if you need me, I’ll be strolling the flower district.

Photographed by Max Hield.


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