Camp Style: 36 Outfits From Camp Man Repeller

Every time I go to the woods, I feel like I’ve found my true sartorial calling: camp style. Last weekend at Camp Man Repeller, my coworkers (maybe you know them) kept saying my clothes made much more sense at Echo Lake than around Soho. I’m not sure they meant it as a compliment, but I took it as a high one. I love looking like a camp counselor.

I think that’s why I was so smitten all weekend with what people were wearing. Flannels, boots, bandanas, stripes, caps. Everyone looked so cool and comfortable and ready to forage for non-poisonous berries should the need arise. Lucky for us, Seher was wandering around, camera in hand, taking photos whenever a camp lewk struck. Peep the slideshow above (plus the #campMR IG tag for even more) to see what I mean.

Photos by Seher Sikandar; check out her website here and follow her on Instagram @rehes.

Haley Nahman

Haley Nahman

Haley Nahman is the Features Director at Man Repeller.

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