Celeb Look of the Week: Cardi B Makes a Strong Case for Head-to-Toe Pistachio

Welcome to Celeb Look of the Week! An MR column wherein one member of our editorial team, once a week, waxes poetic about one recently worn celeb outfit they can’t stop thinking about. Leandra kicked things off with an ode to Alexa Chung’s February footwear, then Emma explored why she loves “Tribeca” Tracee Ellis Ross, and this week, Harling’s pick comes with a case for emulating her morning beverage.

Whenever I watch creamy whole milk and dark green tea swirl together inside a matcha latte, the resulting color — a luxurious shade of pistachio — inspires me to do more than simply sip the beverage at hand. I also want to wear it. I want to dip myself in the color of nature’s most verdant nut, not to mention an exceptional flavor of ice cream. This amalgam of culinary and fashion-adjacent desire reached a fever pitch when I saw Cardi B outfitted in head-to-toe pale green courtesy of Ralph and Russo earlier this week:

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WALKING THESE HOES wearing @ralphandrusso

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I KNOW. I know! What is it about this particular color that feels so delicious at the moment? Is it a fresher alternative to millennial pink — equally gentle but markedly less overplayed? Is it a more palatable version of Miranda Hobbes Green? Is it a scratch that answers the keening itch of an imminent springtime, not yet fully manifested beyond the occasional tease of a 70-degree day? My guess is all of the above, but for the purpose of this outfit, the origin story doesn’t matter so much as what I (and you, if you so choose) do with it.

Step one involves market research, the intrinsic amuse-bouche that precedes a deep-dive into the aesthetic craving of any nature. I’m enamored with some pale green pant options (shoutout to Dr. Seuss) on The RealReal, like these trousers from 3.1 Phillip Lim (they’re $50!) and this subtle snake-print pair from Roberto Cavalli (for $95). I would combine either or both with this dream of a sweater from Tibi (give me an extraneous neck-tie and I’ll give you a toothy grin). I would probably layer this Kule pullover around my shoulders because once I see a hint o’ pistachio I can’t stop. As for shoes, I wish my foot was the right size for these transcendent satin mules, but since they’re not, I’ll continue to lust after Rejina Pyo’s strappy sandals until they go on sale. Last but not least: a pale green satin baseball cap that Easter Egg dreams are made of.

Have I, with the assistance of matcha lattes and Cardi B, successfully convinced you that head-to-toe pistachio (a rhyme I will treasure for the entirety of my human life and beyond) is THE THING for SPRING? Please convene in the comment section and tell me truly.

Photo by Roger Kisby/Getty Images for Palms Casino Resort.

Harling Ross

Harling is a writer and was most recently the Brand Director at Man Repeller.

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