10 Styling Tricks from Céline You Can Try Right Now

I know you know how links work, but click here for Leandra’s Paris Dispatch: Day 1 (A review of Jacquemus, Dior and Saint Laurent) and here for the Dispatch of Day 2 (all the looks she wants to wear so far). Below, as the title suggests: 10 styling tricks from Céline that you can try right now.

1. Have an ankle-length jacket? Great! Next spring, you’re going to tuck the ends into themselves and create thigh loops.

This might not seem like a trick that’s especially easy to pull off from a technical perspective, nor a pragmatic one, but you know what they say: if there’s a blazer, there’s a way, and I would recommend Krazy Glue. Just kidding. Do not Krazy Glue your clothes unless you know for sure that you don’t want to use them again the way you have heretofore used them. So…

2. Wear a coat, but only over one shoulder.

I think the trick here is really to hone in on the tailoring you emphasize beneath the coat. The bigger the shoulder pads, the easier it will be to cover just one of your arms. When it comes to warmth, you probably only really need one side of your person to feel protected anyway, right? Because we are Practical Patties, you can hold your bag like it is a school binder, too. Maybe that will make walking feel like a more seamless endeavor.

3. Master the half-tuck with a blazer and a skirt.

If you can find one that is light enough (or have a button down that may double as a blazer), tuck one quadrant into your skirt and let the rest hang loose. The other very important takeaway I’ve culled from this particular look is the combo platter of muted pastels.

4. If you prefer to let it all hang loose, that works, too.

Such is the magic of Céline, right? You need not subscribe to a singular style cue to feel included. As a matter of fact, each trend on Phoebe Philo’s runway tends to contradict itself with the look that succeeds it. So if you don’t want to tuck a blazer into a skirt, you can always just wear an oversize short sleeve button-down, left out at leisure, over said skirt and add a vest.

5. Have a bed sheet? Make a poncho.

It is unlikely that you will feel as luxurious in the making of your own kind, but it’s a step in the right direction and, you know, with Halloween around the corner, now’s a pretty good time to find excuses to cut holes into your sheets.

6. Does your office have a shredder?

I sure hope so! Because if it (your office) does (have a shredder), using it to make an old dress new again is the most innovative idea you’ve had since your office probably installed said shredder. Then you can layer a pair of pants that are just the right amount of too long under the dress and add a trench coat so you won’t have to worry at all about tear-precision. Good on you!

7. Schlepping is back!

And you know who’s excited? Amelia Christina Diamond, I can promise you that. That woman is a professional bag-lugger. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her without at minimum two totes. If I had to guess, the moral of these looks feeds the overall mission of Phoebe Philo’s Céline, which is to say: outfitting a real woman who has shit to do on her quest to get shit done and well, let’s be real, you never know when you might need to cover yourself in a gigantic blanket.

8. Come to think of it, even a single large bag will do just fine.

Throw all your stuff into your sack and call it a journey.

9. How comfortable is too comfortable for your feet?

That’s not really a styling tip so much as it is a question, but get a load of the “elevated” activewear south of the ankle on these women. If  you went to an Orthodox Jewish Day School, you will sympathize with the rendering of an energized, geriatric Rabbi running to and fro classroom via stairwell in extremely comfortable footwear. If you did not, perhaps the IT department at your high school was known to sport similar sneakers? Either way, rubber canoes. For your feet. You may not see it now (I don’t either), but I feel strongly that we will all be drinking the Kool-Aid by this time next year.

10. Bring a smile (a real smile) or go home.

The most heartwarming detail of this collection was the underlying message as told to’s Sarah Mower by Philo herself just after the show. “I wanted to be optimistic. It was just this sense of joy and life force. It felt like a celebration. I thought, ‘If there’s anything to say at the moment, let it be with love and let it be joyful.'” The great thing about this one: it’s free.

Feature photo by Peter White/Getty Images; runway photos via Vogue Runway.

Leandra M. Cohen

Leandra M. Cohen is the founder of Man Repeller.

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