10 Upcoming Trends, According to Chanel

I haven’t seen delight quite like that of the roomful of dressed-up adults who, upon entering Chanel’s Fall 2018 venue, realized it was literally fall again. It even smelled like it. The best part is that after Chanel’s fall, Paris’ spring is less than a month away.

Wet leaves stuck to the bottom of heels and dad sneakers as guests walked to their seats. Speaking of dads, the number of dad jokes I heard about this being “a walk in the park” were countless (I’m just as guilty). Tall, bare-branched trees lined the room, and for the guests to sit on: sliced-in-half logs. The whole set-up was social media heaven as guests paused for selfies in front of tree trunks.

The atmosphere was a little melancholy (Karl’s word choice, per Suzy Menkes’ Instagram), but maybe there’s just something inherently melancholy about autumn. Robert Frost’s “Nothing Gold Can Stay” always comes to mind when I think of my own “this is beautiful, so why do I feel glum?” late-autumnal mood during a particularly amber sunset. There’s also something to the idea that sadness is somehow intertwined with romance.

But anyway! The clothes weren’t sitting around crying so I don’t know why I am. The accessories were bright and the collection as a whole was elegant. Below, for your viewing and planning pleasure, 10 upcoming trends, according to Chanel.

1. Prepare to sample a boot combo platter.

Chanel Fall/Winter ’18

We might enter a bit of boot-height confusion, or boot-height inclusion: there were thigh-highs, mid-calf-highs, just-below-the knee-highs — and all of them worked. Isn’t it fun when “lots of options” is the trend and you get to interpret as you wish?

2. Mid-calf skirts didn’t go away, but at Chanel, they’ve returned.

Chanel Fall/Winter ’18

They’ve also found their way to the tops of ankles. I’m all for pants (especially when they’re all gold, or all quilted, as seen here) but sometimes, in the fall, it’s nice to wear a skirt without the brrr.

3. You know what else is “back”? The topknot. 

Chanel Fall/Winter ’18

Personally, I stopped a while back because it reminded me of how I did my hair during a really specific time in my life. But you know the Chanel effect: suddenly the most everyday thing (including yoga hair) looks ingenious.

4. If you’re thinking about a pair of patent leather oxfords…

Chanel Fall/Winter ’18

Think about finding a pair with super pointy toes. Not everyone’s a boot person, you know. (They also came in gold.) They’ll go great with your craving for knit skirts, lace skirts and bell coats, not to mention your penchant for shins that breathe (just me?).

5. Glitter skin. It’s a thing.

Chanel Fall/Winter ’18

I saw it at Chanel in a subtle capacity (but at Giambattista Valli on Monday, models faces were lacquered in it). It’s essentially a going-out top for your cheekbones.

6. Orange and salmon accents are just the thing to break up an otherwise monochromatic outfit.

Chanel Fall/Winter ’18

Perfect for those who want to try wearing more color but can’t stomach the full rainbow. Also, in the fall, it’s a sneaky way to dress thematically without looking like a pumpkin (not that I’m opposed) (you know I love a theme).

7. If you’re into layering, try a sweater around your shoulders, under a scarf.

Chanel Fall/Winter ’18

This is one of those tricks that looks super clever but is so easy even a baby chipmunk could do it. Magic? Nope — but close: Chanel.

8. Hoods are crowns if you think about it.

Chanel Fall/Winter ’18

If never been a hood person, but after Valentino and now Chanel, I want to wear mine up and over my head. Because of Chanel specifically, and over-bundled toddlers, I want to wrap a scarf around my neck to secure the hood as a crown.

9. Royal blue, though only present in one look, is very clearly the “next big” color.

Chanel Fall/Winter ’18

Leandra called this. I was hesitant at first, but I think I’m sold. Millennial pink needs a vacation anyway.

10. Gloves: the new sleeves?

Chanel Fall/Winter ’18

As relieved as my feet felt upon seeing flats with dresses, my neck felt upon seeing yet another balaclava, my shins felt upon seeing glitter tights, and my armpits felt upon seeing folded over tote bags, it’s my elbows who are the most thrilled: hot pink gloves that reach all the way up to twin biceps? Yes please! And thank you!

Feature photo by Peter White/Getty Images.

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond is a writer, creative consultant, and Man Repeller alumnus living in New York City.

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