Twin Sisters Who Aren’t Afraid to Match

How does living in New York influence your style?

New York is a major influence. On a daily basis, we meet people from all over the world with interesting styles and diverse fashion tastes. Walking down the streets of New York is like flipping through a fashion magazine. It’s truly inspiring.

What about where you’re from or where you grew up?

With a Caribbean mom from Montserrat and an African dad from Ghana, we definitely embrace our roots and try to incorporate colorful prints into our work. We leverage a lot of traditional African attire in contemporary styles.

What do you think about when you get dressed in the morning?

We think about the weather and our agenda for the day to ensure that our outfits are in sync. We both live by this slogan: “When you look good, you feel good and when you feel good, you do good.” We like to look our best before stepping out the door.

What do you like your outfits to say about you?

That we’re confident and approachable.

Are you influenced by your sister?

We both have always had an appreciation of bold colors and prints. Chantelle is a bit more flirty when it comes to dressing and she opens my mind to that. Almost every silk or lace tank or crop top in my closet was either purchased or designed by her. It is a self-expression of who she is. Her style is more feminine and soft. I (Danielle) am extremely daring in my sense of fashion. I’m the twin who wears a bright colorful dress with bell sleeves or tassel embellishments. It expresses me as an individual. I like to push my style to the limit.

Do you ever accidentally dress the same? Purposely?

Yes and yes! We have accidentally dressed alike on several occasions. We think alike and have the same body types so most of the time, even if we are in two different places, we end up wearing similar outfits.

What’s your foolproof styling trick?

Prints are always in. Be daring and mix a gingham top with African print skirts. Go wild and have fun with it!

The one garment that never lets you down?

Two-piece skirt sets. No matter the occasion, you can’t go wrong and they’re a relatively easy option.

How do accessories change an outfit?

We are huge fans of accessorizing. When done right, it can pick up your whole outfit. Sometimes when we get dressed we think, “Hmmm, something’s missing,” then we grab a hat or purse and that’s it. In the winter, our go-to hats are our African printed trim beanies and wide brim fedoras. As for jewelry, our go-to designers are Quèllyrue and David Yurman.

How does working in fashion influence your daily style?

Working in fashion allows us to be ourselves. We’re able to dress how we feel. What we cannot find on the market, we simply design ourselves. It’s a fun experience.

What item of clothing makes you feel most like yourself? Why?

We are huge fans of our African printed long dresses. They have such a graceful and lovely flow. We wear them to brunch on weekends or to weddings and other special events. They’re easy, breezy, soft and comfortable. They can be belted or worn loose. We feel like queens in them them.

At what point in your life did you really start to come into your own in terms of personal style?

As kids, we loved being unique and having our own styles. In elementary school, we were voted “best dressed.” We earned those titles because we didn’t care to look like everyone else. We wore what was appealing to us and it made us stand out, even when we had to wear uniforms. Instead of wearing the generic uniforms, our mom would buy the fabric in the same color as the uniform and create new styles for us by adding a fancy sleeve or a different neckline. We loved that! We never felt the need to blend in, and still don’t.

What about three favorite places in the city (or the world) to get inspired?

New York City, London and Africa (Lagos and Ghana).

What’s the coolest thing you’ve learned in the last week?

We recently learned that our grandmother and aunt were both born in Curaçao. It came up while watching a TV show about various Caribbean Islands, and Curaçao was highlighted. Curaçao has now been added to our travel destination list.

Best song to get dressed to?

Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You.” The beat and rhythm gets us on our feet and going — a perfect way to start the day.

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Haley Nahman

Haley Nahman

Haley Nahman is the Features Director at Man Repeller.

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