Leandra and Cindy Crawford Talk “Finstas” and the Beauty of Getting Older

Cindy Crawford knows all about “finstas” — or fake Instagrams; her daughter, Kaia Gerber, won’t show Cindy her private account. The businesswoman and eternal supermodel, however, keeps her own personal account open to a world of 2.5 million followers. For Cindy Crawford, social media allows her to be her own PR person, have a voice, and share that voice with her audience.

Leandra and Cindy don’t just talk about Instagram in this episode of The Chatroom, of course. The two cover Cindy Crawford’s skincare line, Meaningful Beauty, burnout, insecurity, and the beauty of aging and time. For everyone who romanticizes the 90s runway, there’s some great golden-age-of-fashion-chat in there, too.

Plug your headphones in, click play, and if you feel the urge to grab an eyeliner pen and draw a beauty mark above your lip, I won’t stop you.


Follow Cindy Crawford on Instagram @cindycrawford and check out her skincare line, Meaningful Beauty, @meaningfulbeauty.

Edited by Jay Buim; Feature image shot by Edith Young

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