How to Look Comfy and Cool at the Same Time

There are few greater joys (for me, personally) than consuming a delicious meal while swaddled in comfortable clothing. Though I’m more of a Seamless girl myself, if I were to cook something, the first instruction I would add above “boil water” is “take off pants.”

But pantlessness is typically frowned upon in most social settings, especially Thanksgiving dinners with stodgy grandmothers wherein you are required to not only clothe your bottom half but make yourself look snappy. It is, after all, a festive occasion, and while the activity of eating large quantities of food is theoretically best-suited to nudity — nature’s most forgiving ensemble — the pomp and circumstance of celebrating alongside 50 relatives is not.

Ergo, when Elizabeth proposed the idea of styling three perfect-for-Thanksgiving outfits that are not only free of restrictive waistbands but also actually look cool, I unbuttoned my jeans and paid attention. Below, definitive proof that you can feel comfortable and put-together simultaneously, plus styling tips to seal the deal.

Outfit #1

“This velvet dress has a removable rope belt, so you can loosen it as you please or take it off entirely,” Elizabeth told me. She chose to do the latter but added a blazer to ensure the silhouette would still have some definition, with pockets big enough to smuggle leftover bread rolls.

Outfit #2

“These pants have a great elastic waistband but still retain an elevated feel due to the material,” said Elizabeth. “The Creatures of Comfort sweater also nails that elusive combination of comfort and sophistication thanks to a Peter Pan collar.”

I’m an advocate for any sweater that matches the color of the pat of butter I would theoretically enjoy spreading on the aforementioned smuggled bread rolls, so there’s that too.

Outfit #3

Elizabeth is obsessed with puffer jackets from the brand Ienki Ienki, which she discovered on a recent market appointment. “They’re the perfect Thanksgiving outerwear because they’re basically wearable down comforters, but chic,” she said. Add in a midi dress with just the right amount of internal wiggle room, and you’ve got yourself an outfit ready-made for second helpings.

Okay! Your turn: Do you have any tips or favorite outfits that facilitate comfort and cool at the same time? If you’re celebrating Thanksgiving, what are you planning to wear? Oh, also, what’s your favorite kind of pie??? Meet me in the comments with a slice.

Styled by Elizabeth Tamkin, Photos by Edith Young; Modeled by Hui Wang of Fenton Model Management

Harling Ross

Harling is a writer and was most recently the Brand Director at Man Repeller.

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