Leopard Pants and Knee-High Boots Are All I Want to Wear Right Now

Regarding the evolution of my fall style persona, here is a list of things I definitively know to be true:

1. I think — no, sorry, I know — I need leopard-print pants. I’ve needed them ever since this sold-out Dries Van Noten pair crossed my path, and I haven’t stopped needing them since. The need became acute upon the first whiff of autumnal air that shot through my nostrils at the onset of September. I know where I’ll wear them, too: dinner dates, Scorpio birthday parties and bed.

2. I also know how I’ll wear them: with a puff-sleeved Miu Miu sweater (in my dreams, mind you) and platform sandals. Maybe with socks, if it’s chilly, but also maybe without, if my summer pedicure is still intact.

3. There is no outfit that can’t be augmented with the addition of a $65 chainmail shoulder bag.

4.  I can’t stop day-dreaming about Alessandra Rich’s Little House on the Prairie meets Alexa Chung meets Instagram garden party dresses, all of which are taunting me on

5. Since I also can’t stop brainstorming ways to turn myself Danish in the wake of Copenhagen Fashion Week, I would combine one of said Little House on the Prairie meets Alexa Chung meets Instagram garden party dresses with ankle socks and New Balance sneakers.

6. I’m still very much into gold hoops, but only really, really thick ones.

7. Knee-high boots are the only boots I want to wear. Especially green ones with a tiny heel.

8. Huh. What do you know! Boots of that exact description exist and they are 50% off.

9. My ideal fall top treads a fine line between “tidy pirate” and “Victorian cello player.” I want to wear them with skirts that fall just below the knee OR denim trousers. Dealer’s choice.

10. Ambush is currently making the coolest sunglasses since sliced toast with avocado on top. That’s all!

Collages by Louisiana Mei Gelpi. 

Harling Ross

Harling is a writer and was most recently the Brand Director at Man Repeller.

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