A Short List of the Intimidating Kids I Follow on Instagram

I have a confession. You know that “Things I’ve Bookmarked on Instagram” series that our team does that is full of gorgeous photos of beautiful people and cool brands? I could never participate because my bookmarks are just…babies. Cute babies, stylish babies, babies in big hats. I’ve got an Instagram DM group called “87% baby content.” (Oh and to clarify: Anyone under 11 is a baby.)

I don’t think I want children, but I do love obsessing over ones for which I have zero responsibility. Do any of you do this? Please say you do this. In the off chance that you don’t, and since it is Friday, I’ve taken the liberty of outlining some of my favorite stylish and inspirational kid accounts below, all of whom appear to have their lives together in ways I never could. I both admire and fear them.


Here she is. The most impossibly stylish child on all of the internet. She’s seven and she knows how to layer better than I do. Just look at her! Can she be a Man Repeller contributor? It’s hard to wear bold clothes and not have them wear you, and yet here she is, years away from getting her driver’s license or paying her own taxes, pulling off head-to-toe ensembles. I like that while her shots are heavily stylized, they’re not too precious nor grown-up. Whatever the delicate balance is that one must strike in order to cultivate the perfect cool/age-appropriate/fun-but-not-weird child Instagram influencer persona, Coco Pink Princess hath struck it.

Jayde Robinson

THIS. BABY. Look, it took me a cool 30 years to figure out what the hell to do with my hair and 98% of the time it’s just in a boring bun. Jayde not only does her own hair, she’s out here giving tutorials. If you try to talk to me while I’m putting in my leave-in, I will recite some nonsense and somehow end up bald. She’s also athletic, stylish and has great taste in cities. I one day hope to be as confident in both my opinions and my hair-styling abilities. 

Ayden Nguyen

Ayden is eight and has the kind of casual, non-performative swag that makes you sit back and say, “Wow, that person must genuinely like himself.” He should be an idol to us all. Also, look at him dance! Look at him accessorize! And he’s also studious, so you know he is balancing his obligations and his hobbies in a way I can only dream of.

Little Miss Flint

Mari Copeny is adorable and an incredible activist. She’s been raising awareness around the Flint water crisis for years, fundraising and delivering bottles of water to residents who still can’t drink tap water. She hosted a screening for kids to see Black Panther when it came out. She is a legitimate inspiration in her poise and tireless work in helping her community.

Two Celebrity Babies Who Don’t Have Their Own Instagram Accounts (But Should?) (No Pressure.)


Fawning over celebrity babies seems unfair, because who among us wouldn’t be cool if our parents were a witty supermodel and adorable singer? But here I am, LOVING Luna Stephens. She seems so serious about most things. I watch this video whenever my train stalls for too long because it calms me down. It is also inspirational because I have yet to throw my hands in the air or dance while leaning out of a convertible, which the movie Crossroads led me to believe I would accomplish by 24.


It is North West’s birthday today and I also dressed like this for a good two years after I saw this photo, so I can’t deny that she has influenced me more than I care to admit. Also, she sobbed next to Anna Wintour, the most relatable thing on this whole list. Happy birthday, Nori!

There you have it. Hope you all felt the sweet bloom of youth grace your faces once more. Should we all meet in person, let’s agree not to speak of this post. 

Feature image by Robert Kamau/GC Images via Getty Images.

Nora Taylor

Nora Taylor

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