Oh Boy, COS Is So Good Right Now

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I always forget how good COS is. This is not an insult to the brand, nor to my memory for that matter–it’s actually part of the reason why COS is so good in the first place. Not only are the clothes well-made in good materials and at a great price point, they are also the kind of clothes that don’t scream out a particular label. Much like pieces from The Row, and Brunello Cucinelli, and sometimes Old Céline, they have a quiet kind of staying power. It’s not hard to imagine keeping them in rotation for years to come.

I was recently reminded of COS’s goodness when I received a press email advertising their new fall campaign imagery, which prompted me to take a spin around the brand’s website. There, I was confronted with the fruits of that aforementioned quiet power: slightly oversized navy cardigans, black cotton wrap dresses, felt skirts, sleekly dark denim–but I’m getting ahead of myself. Scroll down for a breakdown of why COS is an important stop on my fall outfit road-mapping adventures.

The sweaters are the definition of “grown-up”…

Do you know what I mean? They just look like something the chicest 40-something woman would have duplicates of in her lavender sachet-scented closet. The color options are punchy without being tiresome–deep turquoise, oatmeal, plum, olive. The fits are roomy without being sloppy. And the details are subtle without being boring, like the slight funnel neck on this pullover.

The outerwear is a capsule wardrobe waiting to happen…

In my fantasies vis-à-vis being a capsule wardrobe person, I own six pieces of outerwear. It just so happens that COS offers up the ideal versions of these six pieces I’m imagining: a raincoat that goes with everything, a puffer that is actually chic in addition to being warm (surprisingly elusive), a dark denim jacket, a trench with a Peter Pan collar, a simple black blazer, and a camel-colored coat. Coincidence? I think not.

These legging-style trousers are the perfect legging-style trousers…

In other words, they look enough like trousers that you could conceivably wear them to work, or to dinner with your future in-laws, but they have enough elastane to feel comfortable enough to fall asleep at your desk, or finish the second half of your seat mate’s soufflé in addition to your own. They’re also not too long and not too short, which is great news for your shoes and bad news for all your other pants.

The cotton shirts are guaranteed to make you look like a French woman sitting at an outdoor cafe…

Okay, not guaranteed, but even a practiced skeptic would have to admit that this shirt carries the air of one that has basked in Paris sunshine whilst the person wearing it applies red lipstick with a devil-may-care attitude, oui? Ditto for this one and this one, both of which would look great with the aforementioned perfect legging-style trousers.

The accessories fly way under-the-radar but might actually be the best thing…

Look at this wide-brim nylon hat! And this sheer dickie! And this cool folded hair clip! I bet you never thought the items your wardrobe might be missing are a wide-brim nylon hat, a sheer dickie, and a folded hair clip, but such is the hypnotic captivation of truly distinctive outfit decor.

Like I said, COS is so good right now.

Feature photo via COS.

Harling Ross

Harling is a writer and was most recently the Brand Director at Man Repeller.

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