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A Guide to Curating the Ultimate Cozy Corner at Home

I recently dedicated a small zone of my space as my “cozy corner,” where anything with a screen and all work-related tasks are banned. It’s the best way I’ve found so far to physically separate my job from my leisure time. Entering the cozy corner helps my brain understand that it’s time to decompress, and it feels like a tiny getaway staycation.

I’d recommend this cozy corner business to anyone who could benefit from fencing off a nook of your personal space. (So: everyone.) Consider the womb-like hidey hole at Brooklyn bookstore Books Are Magic as a jumping-off point; here, a few suggestions for decking out this little respite from your laptop.

1. A minimum of 2 photos that bring you joy, framed with love

I’m not going on vacation this summer, so I framed a couple of photos from my most recent expeditions to help me hold onto some happy memories of travel and companionship. I love these floating wood frames from Etsy—or I’d recommend this one if your corner has sufficient wall space. These Italian lacquer frames, which are available in custom sizing, are an easy way to add color—as is this thick red one. I’m pro these mini ones because… the more the merrier, in all things. We also have this showstopper, which is a vintage Murano glass frame. (High glamour!) A closing idea: You can stack your frames in this letter holder and switch out the one in front every day.

2. A tiny greenhouse with plants for you to nurture, nestled in pretty planters

I started growing an herb garden at the beginning of quarantine with no idea how long either would last. Nearly five months later, my basil is gigantic, and I’ve already gone through an entire batch of cilantro. Tomatoes are on the way, and I’m currently engaged in a lasting flirtation with this indoor mushroom set.

Plants need homes, and I’ve had fun buying planters, both new and vintage. I selected them with great care, since they are holding my babies—few things better illustrate the passage of time than the growth of a plant, which makes everything feel extra-precious. I bought this one from Jungalow a little over a month ago, and it’s held a growing palm ever since. I also bought one from Orange Is the Sun on Etsy—a vintage seller—that is very special to me. I’m now thinking of getting a hanging planter to make my cozy corner more vertical, too.

3. Soft, truly cozy touches

Nestling into warm, cozy, pleasant things that can hold and touch you is wonderful. I love the idea of this little bean bag chair or this book seat, with some great pillows. Curl yourself up in this blanket and close your eyes for a second. Be careful, though; you may fall asleep.

4. Little things to boost your creativity

I went to undergrad for painting, and sometimes, shutting out everything around me and just doodling makes me feel more aware of my own thoughts and ideas. I recommend this charcoal set plus the proper eraser, which is an easy set-up (unlike painting). If you’re into painting, I love watercolors, and you only have to buy primary colors because they look great overlapped. (Color-mixing can be extremely satisfying.) Another idea is knitting! Harling dove into knitting at the start of quarantine, and I think it’s a great idea—plus you can make yourself a cute little knit bra top!

5. Bookends and accessories for your reading materials

I confess I’ve never been a huge reader, but I have a ton of learning to do, and I have a ton of books—acquired from several different bookstores along with lots from my boyfriend’s personal collection. I’m also very excited about adding to my collection for the Man Repeller Book Club. With that in mind, I got a couple of vintage bookends, so now my reading material feels like it has the proper framing it deserves. Special shout out to the Book Seat, too, which is on my book-adjacent shopping list.

6. Speakers for music, audiobooks, or guided meditation

I spend a lot of time reading emails (etc.) on my computer, so just listening to a story is a great escape. These speakers and headphones make it easy to retreat into another world via audiobooks in my corner—either something I’m curious about or a friend’s suggestion.

7. Little games to play while listening to your audiobook

Games are tailor-made for nooks. My top pick is a puzzle (see the fun options below), but I’ll also spend some time with Sudoku or a one-person card game like Solitaire.

8. Delightful beverage carafes + all that jazz

Every night after dinner, I like to start settling down with a cup of chamomile tea. Whatever your favorite, it’s nice to have a little beverage area in the nook just for you. Nobody else can clean it, touch it, use it. It’s just yours, and it will become a precious space. Now, you just need to pick the most calming possible beverage for optimal relaxation.

9. A single light source that also makes you smile

This isn’t just a little desk lamp—this is a lamp that brings you joy when both turned on or off, an art piece in itself. Bonus: a nice little glow for your nook.

10.Candles for a subtle glow and scent therapy

Candles are romantic in a way a lamp can never be—plus, a nicely scented one will give off soothing, warm aromas. You know what you like—these are some of my personal favorites (plus a few really cool unscented ones).

Header Image Via: Beata Heuman

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