A Strong Showing (Literally) at Creatures of the Wind and Tibi

Creatures of the Wind‘s Fall 2017 show was about “finding a sense of belonging…finding one’s place in a kindred community.” It’s a quiet statement, but not without strength. If you’ve balanced palms-down in yoga, you know that steady muscles are required to jump backward without making a thump.

Designers Shane Gabier and Chris Peters have created this place of belonging. Their clothes welcome both loyal customers and those who covet fashion, whether from an editor-crammed row or by phone, the brand’s metaphorical open arms a testament to the team’s personalities which imagine entire collections that make you think.

In line with past seasons, Fall ’17 was sometimes pragmatic, like the Creatures take on this season’s trench coat, snow-appropriate lug-sole boots and high-waist workday trousers; other times, clothes were for dreamers, as with a Swarovski crystal-trimmed tulle cape. No one needs that kind of thing and yet a wardrobe suddenly seems so sad without it. That’s the sweet spot of the brand: practical magic.

Tibi, meanwhile, made a thump — intentionally so. “In art and dream, may you proceed with abandon,” read a quote by Patti Smith in the show notes. “In life, may you proceed with balance and stealth.” This collection turned the volume up: there was a yellow neon coat, hot pink shoes and big-shouldered power suits. Elastic corsets held blazers in place over hip-slung trousers — a cool silhouette; dresses draped over skinny pants and to replace the slip dress, there were dresses that gave the illusion of slipping off the chest (as though they were overalls and the wearer undid one button). I always like Tibi. This collection felt more “fashion” than the rest, but it wasn’t an act. It’s a reminder that the designers are consuming the fashion zeitgeist right along with us.

Feature photo via Getty Images. Runway photos via Vogue Runway.


Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond is a writer, creative consultant, and Man Repeller alumnus living in New York City.

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