The Shorts Suit I Want to Wear for the Rest of My Life

Observing what Crystal “Beerbottles and Chainsaws” Anderson wears to work every day is like eating the very best box of chocolates: You never know what you’re going to get, but whatever it is, it’s guaranteed to taste amazing and radically alter your conception of what constitutes an outfit. I know I’m mixing metaphors, but that feels perfectly appropriate where Crystal is concerned — a bonafide master of mixing things you never thought would work together but somehow, on her, do. Needless to say, any opportunity to peek at what goes on inside her brain is one worth chasing at hungry cheetah speed, so please enjoy the below rundown of aesthetic inspiration she’s bookmarked on Instagram lately. -Harling

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Can we discuss the genius that is Michelle Elie for a moment or a lifetime please? A million people sent me this Instagram photo of her and and I’ve never felt more seen. If you know me, then you know I love a multi-purpose outfit situation. This particular get-up is for when you gotta run track at 7 a.m., save a life in rough waters during lunch and then wrangle a calf in the evening. I will truly spend the next 20 years figuring out how she sat down in this, but also how she ever took it off, because it’s just that damned good.


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Okay, admittedly, this isn’t an entire look but I will truly not stop until these Sacai x Nike trainers are in my hands and on my piggies. They are so simple and so amazing at the same time, and I’ve already dreamt up about 50 theoretical spring/summer outfits to wear with them. They have yet to be released, and I have the worst luck in shoe lotteries, so I would kindly suggest if you own these that you not come with in 20 miles of me, especially if you are a size 8.5 and aren’t willing to go home shoeless, because that’s the only outcome I can predict.


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I’m not much of a “fancy” dresser, but seeing Marjon Carlos, suited and all the way booted, in this Christopher John Rogers suit is 1000% “right on top of that, Rose!” realness. I didn’t even know I wanted a suit until I saw this one, and it’s styled soooooo well! I fully intend to do my best Marjon impersonation and copy this look down to the sequined (very Alexis Carrington!) earrings!


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Excuse me, but if for some reason Ursula steals my voice and I can no longer scream from the mountain tops, just know I want to wear this short suit from Ganni for the rest of my life. What kind of magic is the ability to literally lay on a concrete slab and take a comfy nap because your entire body is encapsulated in quilting?? Yes. Sign me up, now and forever. I’m headed over to eBay to find a similar situation. I’ve got my eyes on this one as we speak!


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I’m headed to the kids section at Brook’s Brothers (or JCPenny) to find a shrunken suit to match this Thom Browne one that my homie Lula is wearing as soon as possible. And can we stop to appreciate the rugged addition of these boots??? Anyone else might have paired this suit with heels, but she leaned in, and there are not enough thank yous or bags of Doritos to repay her for the resulting outfit inspo.

What Instagrams have you bookmarked lately? Link them below so we can discuss.

Feature image by Edith Young.

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