Combining These Two Products Gave Me the Best Curly Hair of My Life

In my personal experience with curly hair, the best hacks for taking care of it happen to manifest by accident. Sure, there’s lots of helpful literature and tips and forums I can — and do — read online, but learning what works best for my particular noggin requires experimentation. It’s a constant process of trial and error, of throwing spaghetti at my shower wall and waiting five hours (the time it takes for my hair to dry) to see what sticks. By doing so, I’ve developed a routine that tends to work pretty well, but I still try to switch it up on occasion. Sometimes it’s a flop, but other times, if I’m lucky, it’s an utter revelation — one that makes all the prior disasters worth it.

Such was the case a few weeks ago when I played mad scientist on a whim and ended up with the best iteration yet of my ideal curl texture. I’m getting ahead of myself, though. Some context: I’m typically a loyal DevaCurl shampoo and conditioner user, but I’ve been trying out Davines LOVE/curl line this month after hearing many a rave review. In addition to the shampoo and conditioner, I also tested Davines This Is a Curl-Building Serum. True to its excellent product name, it definitely built me some curls, but it almost did too good a job, if that makes sense? Like, my curls were so defined that a lot of their charming bounce and fluff was no longer present. And I missed the volume! I’m vehemently pro-volume. Which is why I concluded This Is a Curl-Building Serum was not the serum for me, until…

During my next shower, I had an epiphany: Why not flirt with fortuity? Why not try mixing the Davines serum with my beloved IGK Hair Mistress Balm, a product that consistently delivers on moisture, shine, and fluff but lacks in hold and definition, thus creating the ultimate best-of-both worlds situation?

When I walked into the office later that morning with only partially-dry hair and immediately received a compliment on its appearance courtesy of Crystal, I knew I was on to something. By the time my hair was fully dry, it was clear that I had achieved my consummate ratio of fluff to definition. All it took was a little bit of amateur potion-making.

But I’m not ready to rest on my laurels just yet. When it comes to matters of curl perfection, I’m keenly aware that there are always new heights to reach — new levels of glory to strive for. So tell me: What’s the best curly hair-care hack you’ve discovered of late, whether from an online forum, or a stranger you accosted on the sidewalk (just me?), or a happy accident borne out of a mid-shower lightning bolt to the brain? Let’s compile a bonafide roundup of tried-and-tested curly hair advice below.

Harling Ross

Harling is a writer and was most recently the Brand Director at Man Repeller.

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