I Made You a Cyber Monday Sale Guide

Photo by Edith Young

OH GUMDROPS IT’S REALLY, REALLY SALE SEASON. Have you noticed I get particularly shout-y when I write about sales? I only realized it recently, but upon very little reflection I’ve come to the conclusion that it stems from a) my very genuine excitement at the prospect of discounts and b) my unofficial decision to pretend I’m a Crazy Aunt whenever I’m covering something shopping-related because for some reason it just makes things a whole lot more funnnnnnnn.

Crazy Aunts love to use multiple unnecessary letters, didn’t you know? They also love scouting out gems from amidst the frequently overwhelming digital pile of price-slashed items, which is what I have set out to do below, broken up into (hopefully) helpful categories because this aunt is your unofficial Cyber Monday tour guide…

Sweaters to Hibernate in All Winter

Sweaters are the first thing I’ve been known to over-accumulate, but somehow I’m missing one of the intarsia variety, and that must be rectified. I’m also planning to carry the Menocore torch all winter long, and this H&M sweater tucked into these Ganni joggers is THE VISION (there I go shouting again, sorry).

Impractical Summer Things to Buy Now Because SO WHAT

Just because it’s icicle season doesn’t mean I’m not tempted by bow-adorned swimsuits and various linen sundries. Also I’m pretty sure wearing kaftans in the winter is perfectly acceptable when layered over long underwear and a turtleneck.

Pants to Dance in at Every Party

I’m in a fight with all the pants currently in my possession, so sale season seems like a great opp to call a truce with some new ones. I’m very much about that wide-leg life lately, so that’s where my head’s at. These ones from Rebecca Taylor are an extra 25% off with the code CELEBRATE.

Coats to Wear on Boats or Wherever

I wish I owned a coat for every mood, frankly, but since that would be rather extravagant I’m considering some options that span a decent spectrum of emotions. I am PARTICULARLY drawn to this faux-fur number courtesy of Shrimps, which most definitely encompasses “excited,” “pensive,” and “jubilant” all at once.

Tops to Top Every Imaginary “Best Dressed” List

A top is like a chip in that I am never satiated with just one. That’s really all I have to say here.

Shoes to Punctuate Your Outfits Like This: !!!!!!

I have been ogling these Rosetta Getty flats since they emerged from the womb, and look at them now! All grown up and on sale! I couldn’t be prouder. Speaking of growing up, these towering Gabriela Hearst gazelles will handily take care of that for you with a very casual 7-inch boost.

Accessories to Frost Yourself With Posthaste

I will never not relish in the act of making a How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days reference. I will also never not relish in the act of siphoning through a treasure chest of discounted baubles ready and waiting to hang upon myself. After reading Leandra’s story about big bags, I’ve been considering the acquisition of a spacious tote to call my own, and this $15 steal from Topshop might be just the thing.

Dresses to Get Dressy in A.S.A.P.

This Sonia Rykiel crushed blue velvet dress reminds me of that really awesome one Carrie wore in season six of Sex and the City when she takes Aleksandr to a party and her former Vogue editor Enid gets mad at her for dating out of her age bracket, so that’s a huge plus. In other news, this one from H&M is a budget-friendly treat at $39.99.


Harling Ross

Harling is a writer and was most recently the Brand Director at Man Repeller.

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