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A Delicious Way to Save Time Every Day (and 5 Things to Do Now That You’re Freeee)

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In partnership with Daily Harvest.

If I had a nickel for every instance in which I’ve uttered the words “I didn’t have time,” I’d have enough nickels to barricade myself in a quiet room with nothing but my menacing to-do list. On a separate but related note, my physical body is (allegedly) 60% water, but I’d wager a guess that my metaphysical mind is 90% thoughts about nourishment–from what I should eat (too many options!) to whether I should order it, pick it up, or attempt to cook it. Do you see the connection here?! No worries either way, because my fingers are itching to type it out: If I spent less time thinking about and subsequently procuring something to eat at least three times a day but occasionally more, I would have more time to do… literally anything and everything else.

Enter Daily Harvest, a weekly or monthly plan that delivers perfectly portioned food directly to your door. Food that is not only delicious but also nutritious (please excuse the corny but factually accurate rhyme), with the goal of allowing busy people to be their most effective selves because the whole “OMG, I’m so hungry what the ham sandwich do I eat and how do I get it A.S.A.P.” thing is circumvented and replaced with healthy options that are only as far away as your freezer.

It takes just a few minutes to prepare food from Daily Harvest, which means you can devote the oodles of leftover minutes you would have spent pondering, prepping, or procuring to do whatever it is you always intend to do if you had more! time! But if you, like me, seem to experience temporary memory loss every time you do come across some extra time, suddenly rendering you incapable of remembering your hypothetical list of “if only” aspirations, I a) sympathize deeply and b) took it upon myself to crowdsource the Man Repeller community for suggestions. Below is a definitive list of the five most-cited things people wish they had more time to do, which you can feel free to bookmark and pull up next time you’re microwaving a Cauliflower Rice + Pesto harvest bowl.

1. Read a Challenging Book

Daily Harvest
Styled with Tory Burch jacket, Joanna Laura Constantine and La Manso ringsStyled with Tory Burch jacket, Joanna Laura Constantine and La Manso rings

Making (and therefore having) time to read can be a battle in its own right. Making time to read a uniquely challenging book is often a much more demanding endeavor. I’ve been known to fantasize about finding a fairy (godmother?) who would flit over to my apartment in the morning and cook me something tasty and satisfying while I concurrently became one of those annoying, envy-inducing people who commence their days with a few chapters of 19-century literature. Turns out with Daily Harvest I can be my own fairy godmother and whip up an oat bowl with 18 grams of protein that tastes like chocolate chip banana bread so quickly I’ll be inducing envy with my literary progress posthaste.

2. Put Away All the Clothes on The Chair

Daily Harvest
Styled with Zara hoodie and dress with Entireworld sweatshirt and sweatpants and Ralph Lauren shirt over chairStyled with Zara hoodie and dress with Entireworld sweatshirt and sweatpants and Ralph Lauren shirt over chair

Almost everyone has some version of The Chair. In my old apartment it was an actual chair and in my current apartment it’s either the foot of my bed or my hamper–either way, the function is the same: a dumping ground for clothes you don’t have the time or energy to fold yet. “Yet” is the operative word, because the whole idea of The Chair is that it’s merely a temporary quick-fix, but I don’t have to tell you how easy it is for a quick-fix to become a medium-length-fix to become a basically-permanent-fix when time is of the essence. If you’re nodding your head with empathy, imagine this: a fragrant coconut cream curry with green chickpeas for Vitamin C and protein, anti-inflammatory turmeric, and immunity-boosting ginger that heats up in five minutes flat, thus prioritizing the question of how to properly fold a sweater over the suddenly irrelevant question of what to nourish yourself with for lunch.

3. Practice Yoga

Daily Harvest
Styled with Asceno shirt, Tibi pants and Darner socksStyled with Asceno shirt, Tibi pants and Darner socks

I’ve gone through periods during which I attempt to do yoga videos on a mat in my living room and the effort lasts for approximately three days until I inevitably quit because–say it with me!–I don’t have time. I somehow do find the time to brainstorm afternoon snack ideas for questionable amounts of time most days, and I’m not shy about trekking a few extra blocks out of my way to purchase my favorite chocolate chip cookie if that’s what the snack-o-meter in my brain happens to land on. Something about this math doesn’t quite add up, but I’d vastly prefer to skip calculations altogether and blend a Tart Cherry + Raspberry smoothie (reminiscent of fresh berry sorbet but with loads more anti-inflammatory, immunity-boosting, digestion-friendly nutrients) in less time than it takes to search the internet for “at-home yoga for lazy people.”

4. Learn a New Language

Daily Harvest
Styled with Frankie Shop sweater, Tibi shirt and Mondo Mondo rings Styled with Frankie Shop sweater, Tibi shirt and Mondo Mondo rings 

If I told you I spent nine years of my education learning French and now barely remember how to say bonjour, would you still be friends with me? I’m so ashamed!!!! And routinely amazed that knowledge I spent so long acquiring could slip through the sieve of my mind in what felt like a matter of months. I’m hoping that a few solid fragments are still lurking, to the extent that if I coaxed them forth they would coagulate into some form of remembrance, but in order to coax I need tiiiiiiiiimeeeeeeee to concentrate on doing so. Perhaps if I were to whip up a Daily Harvest Sweet Potato + Wild Rice Hash harvest bowl that tastes like a sneakily healthy breakfast burrito instead of debating whether to roast some tofu for half an hour before ultimately panicking and ordering a pizza, I’d have exactly that.

5. Spend Time With Your Own Self

Daily Harvest
Styled with Outdoor Voices unitard over Topshop mesh turtleneck and Maryam Nassir Zadeh shoesStyled with Outdoor Voices unitard over Topshop mesh turtleneck and Maryam Nassir Zadeh shoes

There are few things that leave me feeling as rejuvenated, as creative, and as peaceful as a bout of intentional alone time, but it’s an easy thing to neglect (even though it often has more payoff than the other agenda items I habitually prioritize over it). Spending time solo can take many forms, from going on a walk sans-headphones to meditating to taking a bath, and I’ve found that if I’m overly stressed or agitated or overwhelmed, the root cause is a suppressed craving to do any of these things, even for just ten minutes. Forty-five minutes would be even better, though, and legitimately possible if instead of running to the grocery store to grab a few ingredients in an effort to sate your umpteenth hunger tickle of the day you could simply walk to your freezer, blend up a bowl of butternut squash soup (full of antioxidants to protect from winter colds!), and spend your spare time one-on-one with your very own self in whatever way you please.

What are some other things you always think about doing if you had more time? Feel free to drop them in the comments below, and click here if you’d like to read more about Daily Harvest–you can receive a discount of $25 off your first box when you use code MANREPELLER.

Photographer: Brooke Shanesy
Stylist: Harling Ross
Market:  Elizabeth Tamkin
Model: Emma Walraven via Unite Unite
Prop + Food Styling: Max Rappaport
Art Direction: Lorenza Centi and Sabrina Santiago


Harling Ross

Harling is a writer and was most recently the Brand Director at Man Repeller.

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