Has Beyoncé Already Given Birth?

Photo by Christopher Polk via Getty Images for NARAS.

Before I had taken a single sip of coffee this morning, I found myself embroiled in a heated discussion with my coworkers about whether or not Beyoncé has had her twins yet. The debate took off during a conversation about the photo Beyoncé posted on Instagram yesterday in which she is holding Blue Ivy atop her pregnant belly, which was captioned with a smiley-face emoji and an American-flag emoji in honor of Memorial Day.

Some people (Shari, Leslie) were of the opinion that she appeared less pregnant in yesterday’s Memorial Day Instagram than she did in an Instagram from her push party a little over a week ago, and therefore yesterday’s image was not posted in “real time,” leading certain parties (Shari, Leslie) to conclude Beyoncé could have conceivably posted it whilst lying in a hospital birthing suite, cradling a gurgling twin in each arm. We have absolutely no way of knowing. Or do we…?

As it turns out, Man Repeller HQ is not the only Beyonce pregnancy-timeline conspiracy club. We’re actually straight-up amateurs compared to the rest of the internet, which is positively lousy with rumors. There is a whole forum on about the Memorial Day Instagram. One user commented, “I am almost certain this is a throwback pic. This is the same hair she wore when she and Jay went to the B game about 4-6 weeks ago so I am guessing somewhere around that time.”

Another chimed in, “dead @ her constantly uploading old pics trying to throw us off,” and included this apt gif:

Conspiracies abound in the comments on Instagram as well. “This pic is old,” writes one user. “Where the twins at Beyoncé!?”

The rumors aren’t limited to her pregnancy timeline. According to a forum on, “Blue Ivy is reportedly set to play a very important role in the arrival of her twin siblings…Beyoncé is said to need Blue to be in the birthing suite all through the conveyance, as a major aspect of her arrangement to help her bond with the infants and maintain a strategic distance from any envious emotions.” I particularly love the usage of the word “conveyance” regarding the delivery. It feels appropriately majestic.

The piece also includes some chatter regarding the minutiae surrounding her hospital setup and birth plan, which apparently involves taking over “three suites at Los Angeles’ Cedars-Sinai hospital” and predictions about Blue Ivy’s birthing-suite ensemble: “a $1,200 Givenchy medical caretaker’s outfit, and a notebook to record the twins’ weights.”

Even though I would give my right arm to see what a “Givenchy medical caretaker’s outfit” looks like, it probably goes without saying that these sources are not super reliable by most journalistic standards.

Until Beyoncé releases a photo of her twins, or (more likely) posts one herself to Instagram, all we can do is wait. Ashley (our new Social Media Editor!) polled Man Repeller’s twitter audience for due date predictions.

As of this story’s publish time, 54% of respondents think the twins are already here. Votes are still being counted. What do YOU think?

Harling Ross

Harling is a writer and was most recently the Brand Director at Man Repeller.

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