‘Dirty Dancing’ Style Rules to Follow This Summer

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Is there any movie more SUMMER than Dirty Dancing? You’ve got your star-crossed romance between two love interests from two different sides of the tracks, you’ve got your cranky dad and you hula-dancing sister, socs versus greasers, sweat, drama, camp, theft! There are endless dancing montages, a talent show and at least two instances of family bonding. And then, of course, there is the quintessential summer fashion. The style in this movie stands the test of time, yet — and maybe this is due to the gingham, crop tops and eyelet — it seems to feel especially right right now. Luckily, the rules are super easy to follow.

1. Hey Baby! Put Your Dancing Shoes On.

I suppose that goes without saying. You want a sneaker or something supportive with a low heel. No mules, I’m afraid. These can be worn with anything from a red dress to denim Bermuda shorts; practice gear’s fair game so long as you participate.

2. Get You a Shirt That You Can Shimmy Your Shoulders In.

Give in and accept that OTS tops are still relevant.

3. Stock Up On Stripes.

Laugh in the face of that fleeting thought that said, “But don’t you have enough already?”

4. Whip Out the White Jeans and Add an Oversize, Dad-Approved Button-Down.

It’s a classic combo so you can’t go wrong.

5. Wear a One-Piece With Everything.

It’s summer’s multipurpose answer to the bodysuit.

6. …Or a Try Two-Piece for Daytime.

A matching set means less thinking on your end.

7. Suss Out Some Seersucker and Do Your Makeup On the Go

Bonus points if the seersucker’s rainbow.

8. Channel Your Inner Carrie Bradshaw and Try Your Version of a Tutu.

A white tank rolled up keeps it simple, while silver shoes add a little something special.

9. Get a Raincoat!

It’s now or never (which is when it pours, summer storm-style).

10. Wear Eyelet and Floral for All Your Summer Soul-Searching.

Eyelet’s nice and breathable. Great for emotions.

11. Take Your Shirts Seriously!

Don’t relegate going-out tops to going out. They’re great for right this moment.

12. A High Waist can Never Be High Enough.

For your crotch’s sake, though, you’re better off dancing in them than sitting down.

13. If You’re Going to Get Just One Dress This Summer, Make it Gingham.

Then add a giant belt.

15. Have the Time of Your Life in a Princess Outfit

Don’t let anyone put you in the corner, and when in doubt, tell anyone who will listen that you carried the watermelon.

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond is a writer, creative consultant, and Man Repeller alumnus living in New York City.

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