Summer’s Easiest DIY: Lace-Up Ballet Flats


Given the popularity of Miu Miu’s Spring 2016 ballet flats (which have been introduced again in a brand new panoply of colors for fall) and the tidal wave it has incited: lace-up ballet flats from Aquazzura, Alaïa, Marni, Gianvito Rossi and the ones that have always existed, for, you know, ballet, it must be said: you can make these at home.

Do I feel like a borderline dingbat given the fact that I own the Miu Miu version? No! Of course not! There are buckles across the front, for heaven’s sake. Am I relieved I don’t have to react to the new serving of fabrications (denim and velvet!) on display across the Internet, ready for purchase? Yes. Absolutely. But this DIY is so g-dang easy, a caveman would probably roll his eyes. The future is amateur hour, huh?

What you’ll need:


+A pair of ballet flats — new or old! Your call! I used Repetto ballet flats.

+Two rolls of ribbon (each approximately 48 inches long), go ham with this step. Choose the colors at your leisure! Mix them up! Use two on one foot! Whatever!

What you’ll have to do:


+ Lay the shoes out on the floor as if you’re about to put them on. <– So easy, right?

+Now place one strand of the ribbon across the shoe horizontally at the center of the shoe’s insole. Your shoe will look like it’s about to play tug-of-war. Make sure that the ribbon is spread across the shoe evenly. You can glue the ribbon to the shoe if you’d like, but I prefer to keep my ribbon flexible — who knows, maybe I’ll want to wrap it in my hair next week. Or tonight.

+ Insert foot in shoe with middle of ribbon tugging at the arch of your foot.

+Start wrapping like your ankle is a g-dang Christmas gift. Fasten at your leisure and then do a dance because this DIY either cost you nothing or close to it depending on how many of the two supplies necessary to execute you already own.


And that’s it. Now you have a pair of lace up flats.

Question is: do you have knit underwear?


Photographs and gifs by Krista Anna Lewis.


Leandra M. Cohen

Leandra M. Cohen is the founder of Man Repeller.

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