7 Accessories You Can Draw on Yourself with a Pen

Have you ever painted onto one of those Magic Zen Boards? Few activities are more satisfying. And then consider the firework sensation produced by those metal head tingler massagers — an unsightly object to behold in someone’s home, but such a pleasure-inducing mechanism. You can quite easily simulate indulgences similar to these, and end up looking cooler for it. How? By drawing accessories onto yourself; Why? I don’t know. When has that been the point?

You’ll need for this exercise nothing but a pen, which you have, and skin, which you have. I’m adamant about using Pilot Precise roller ball pens for everything, including these, but you could use a marker, some glitter glue, or, if, you’re into really a subtle look, some water and paintbrush.

A Watch

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You may’ve drawn one of these onto your wrist in elementary school. When is your favorite time? It can always be “five o’clock somewhere;” you can always be getting off of work. You can even draw a round plate, with twelve pieces of beautiful sashimi in place of a watch face on your faux leather band.

Ear Cuff


Ear cuffs can feel a bit Medieval. They’re ear armor in jewelry form and even though we’re used to seeing them by now, it can be a little disarming to see one on a person. For this version of the ear cuff, which is by no means a piece of fine jewelry but by all means an eyeful, draw your pen from your cape and draw.

Carrie Necklace


Fendi Baguettes, the Dior newsprint bias-cut dress, halters, and long skirts are, arguably, among the best of Carrie’s signature pieces on Sex and the City — which serves, I think un-arguably, as the best survey of “good” style perhaps ever. And then there’s the Carrie necklace, which, like the Tiffany’s dog tag bracelet and the Prada Vela series, is basically perfect because each is at once overly-accessible and yet weird enough to be considered objectively cool. The Carrie Necklace is undeniably excellent when made from wildly shiny, almost overly-saturated gold, but in pen it is not bad!


drawing-alexandra malmed-shelbyduncan_manrepeller_37A7148

If it’s true that drawn-on tattoos are the very reason that pens exist, the same is true of arms. If you don’t yet have a real tattoo of a greyhound, smiley face or a shaded rendering of a wave, well—. This is also an opportunity to mark yourself with the initials or full names of your loved ones.

Promise Ring

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If you’re not (or not yet) engaged or married but have put all of your eggs in one basket, person-wise, you can layer a promise ring in with your other rings. This one is kind of boring, and the person you are dating probably won’t be overly flattered, but whatever.

Eye Makeup

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Let’s say you’re into doing an eye — how very going-out-top of you. Make this one last until the morning, and marvel at the possibilities that can drizzle from a fine tip. You could do a wave motif to go along with the wave tattoo that you acquired a bit earlier.



A frayed jean leg is so good — and though the “real” version of the look requires a minimal amount of effort, it tends to be best to make things more difficult, complicated, finicky — so take a nice capri, and draw. You could do a long, wispy, spooky fringe that, if it were real, would sweep around in wind and then admire the fact that it does not budge.


drawing-alexandra malmed-shelbyduncan_manrepeller_37A7003

If you run out of string, fear not: you can draw an anklet on your leg — a sort of sleazy, high ankle or a more graceful, low-strung piece — and it won’t even get tangled with your fringe.

Photographed by Shelby Duncan. Check out her website and follow her on Instagram @shelbyduncanFollow Alexandra Malmed on Instagram, @alexandramalmed


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