I Dressed Like Kim Kardashian for a Week

Perhaps it was inevitable that I’d commit to single-color dressing at some point. Based on the frequency of unsolicited comments (not compliments) I get on a given day, I’ve sort of taken up neutral, monochrome dressing as part of my personal brand. I’m sure all the executives invested in my brand were thrilled I finally pinned this down.

It didn’t dawn on me, though, that I was really just copying Yeezy-era Kim Kardashian until a few weeks ago when I was wearing some combination of beige-y whatever and my editor Leslie told me I looked like Kim Kardashian. She was totally right. I looked like this photo, if this photo was one person who lived in Bushwick and had no staff:

Later that same day, Maria from our imagery team told me she couldn’t believe I owned so much beige clothing (note again: comments, not compliments), which prompted someone else to echo that it was akin to “Band-Aid dressing.” Remember the Band-Aid trend?! ‘Twas a Kim K thing, 4 sure.

It was at this point that it seemed only reasonable that I should commit to this. Give monochrome dressing a real whirl. Thus ensued the Kim Kardashian Diet. One week of solid-color dressing, as best as my wardrobe would allow. Here’s how it went.

Monday: The Canadian tux


Madewell shirt, vintage Levi’s jeans and jacket, bandana, ASOS boots

You may have caught me donning this getup on Man Repeller’s Instagram Story last week. This was a bit of a soft-launch, I’ll admit. I’m very comfortable in a full denim ‘fit, even if it’s kind of 2014, which is consequently when I bought this shirt from Madewell (it has a tear in the shoulder).

The big takeaway here was I need a denim turtleneck. I had to make one out of a bandana, which actually worked okay!

Tuesday: A cornucopia of camel


Jesse Kamm pants, ASOS sweater, Zara coat, Madewell shoesZenni glasses

This I could have saved for a finale, because LOOK HOW CAMEL. In fact, I think it was this very pant/sweater combo that prompted the inaugural Kim K comparison. (I believe that was also the same day Harling caught me microwaving butternut squash soup and made me pose for a very yellow photo.) (Love my fans.) This time I added the jacket, because holy shit, it’s an exact match.

The shoes I hated, but I was dedicated. (See slideshow for more pix.) Also, these pants need an iron like I need more camel. But who owns an iron?

Wednesday: A great beige


Opening Ceremony shirt, J.Crew turtleneck, Loft silk scarf, vintage Levi’s, vintage jacket — another here, vintage boots — similar style here, Zenni glasses

The day I wore all beige and white clothing was the only day of the week (in a month) that it rained!!!!!! This was actually worse news for my hair, since it’s not supposed to get wet post-Keratin treatment (that’s why it’s freakishly straight this week, to the two people that noticed) and I didn’t have a hood or umbrella. 🙂 🙂 🙂

I did feel pretty Kim in this one, though. How chic is it to wear all white in the rain? Such a bold move.

Thursday: Gray goose


NEED coatJ.Crew turtleneck, & Other Stories sweater, COS trousers, Zara sneakers, Topman hat (I have a big head and have to wear men’s hats)

Omg, I’m such a goose in this photo! Jk, I just really wanted to use that as a title. This day was fun because I knew I had a ton of gray in my arsenal. I wear a lot of it. Seven gray items! This was the day I got the most looks on the subway. I wasn’t too mad about it.

Friday: The 13th!!!


H&M coat, & Other Stories sweater, Aritzia pants, Zara boots

This was curiously the day during which I felt the most unlike myself, despite all black being a classic New York lewk. I also got more compliments on this day than any other (more than just comments!) which I will not read into too deeply. (K now I’m panicking.) I will say it was fitting for Friday the 13th (spooky!) and I felt pretty chic, actually. My swinging coat even felt a little reminiscent of a Kim K walking candid, if everyone in my vicinity squinted their eyes to near-closed.

All in all, I really enjoyed wearing all one color. Ascribing to such a strict rule took an incredible amount of guesswork out of getting dressed and forced me to pair things I normally wouldn’t have. Monochrome outfits, when taken to the extreme, also have the benefit of feeling kind of unexpected. The fun is built right in!!!! Give it a go, I say. And DM me the results.

Just beware of the paps. I couldn’t get a thing done last week without being swarmed.

Photos by Krista Anna Lewis. Kardashian Family Photo via Getty Images.

Haley Nahman

Haley Nahman

Haley Nahman is the Features Director at Man Repeller.

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