We Threw a Real Blowout of a Party

In partnership with Drybar.

I don’t love washing and blowdrying my hair. I limit the former as much as humanly (socially) possible and effectively abstain from the latter. My relationship to both is purely based on necessity and weak arms. Having my hair washed, played with and blowdried by someone else, however, is in my top five leisure activities of all time. And the emotional distance between the two is exactly why Drybar is the best business idea ever and founder Alli Webb is probably a genius. WHY AM I TELLING YOU THIS?

Well, our January community event (#6!) this past Wednesday was a departure from the norm in that it took place in the morning and involved coffee instead of cans of wine. And while it required us to set our alarms back a smidge and, I don’t know, not go to bed at 2 a.m., it was all in service of something sorely needed: a brain break! The when was 7:30 a.m., the who was the Man Repeller team and 12 of our community members, the where was Drybar and the what was being relieved of the unfair societal burden of dealing with all the dead protein growing out of our skulls. That is to say: blowouts for everyone. Over breakfast! It was a big A.M. hangout, which I learned is highly underrated and well worth the hour of sleep lost.

What can’t be underestimated is the female ability to bond over being sick of dealing with our hair. Such was the very specific beauty of meeting new people amid group hair washings, weird as that may sound. It was nice to start the day off by chatting about things big and small while eating croissants and exchanging genuine hair compliments. It was just nice. I think that was the point! I just hope no one washes off the good juju (that includes their hair) for like a week now.

Above please peep some photos of our leisurely morning and below make sure to sign up here if you want in on our upcoming community events!

Special thanks to Sant Ambroeus for the breakfast treats. Photos by Krista Anna Lewis.

Haley Nahman

Haley Nahman

Haley Nahman is the Features Director at Man Repeller.

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