3 Cool Outfits That Don’t Take Any Thought

Sun-baked beaches and hot yoga have nothing on my room when I’m getting dressed. What starts out as an air-conditioned ice box of happy heaven quickly turns into a heated box of hell the moment I stress about my outfit.

What should I wear? + 2 degrees

Why don’t these shorts look the same way they do on Instagram? + 5 degrees

Why can’t I figure out a shirt that works? + 9 degrees

I am so late. + 15 degrees

With every blip of mini panic, the knob on my internal oven turns to the right. It’s like being on a SoulCycle bike and actually doing what the instructor says for once. In this state, by the time I leave my apartment, I am sweaty and stuck to my clothes. I’m cranky, hate everything and dread the walk ahead. It takes the fun out of dressing for summer.

But hello!!! It does not have to be this way. Elizabeth Tamkin styled three cool outfits that don’t take any thought to prove it. Use these as formulas to dictate that which is in your own closet, stick to the plan but add fun-cessories and off you go.

“Going Out Top” + Baggy Pants

Dig the tiniest tee or deepest V or strappiest top out of your closet and dust it off for daytime. Add a pair of slouchy cargo pants for balance and a low-heeled sling-back to tap dance. It’s too hot for layers; let hoops and funky sunglasses add pizazz.

Baby Blouse + Pajama Shorts

When it’s too humid to even think about being touched, your clothes need to stay the eff off you. A tented baby blouse and loose shorts do the trick. Adult it up a bit with velvet shoes. Try not to spill anything on them, but so what if you do? In this heat, won’t it evaporate ASAP?

Slip Dress + Linen Shirt

Last but not least, break out the old slip dress — in yellow if you have it — and pair it with gold jewelry. Add a linen shirt to keep the sun off your arms at high noon when you’re baking. Duh, but: Tie the shirt around your waist if you’re feeling overheated. Clear-frame sunglasses and no-show shoes will make this outfit a look. Get it? (Sorry, I think the high temps are getting to me.)

Holy hell, do you look swell. Swear that’s not the heat talking.

Modeled by Gema Zarina of MSA Models, follow Gema and MSA on Instagram @justgemazarina @msamodels. Styled by Elizabeth Tamkin

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond is a writer, creative consultant, and Man Repeller alumnus living in New York City.

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