Erdem x H&M: 10 Items That Will Sell Out Immediately

H&M’s latest designer collaboration with London-based label Erdem is further (albeit unnecessary) proof that the retailer has an uncanny knack for translating luxury ready-to-wear into pieces that not only look great but are also extremely affordable.

Long story short: H&M x Erdem is really good, and it’s officially launching in stores and online November 2nd. As of today, we have exactly two weeks to P-R-E-P-A-R-E. (Thorough preparation is key where designer collaborations that will likely sell out are concerned. This one definitely qualifies).

After closely perusing all 87 items, I’m ready to employ my combination of shopping expertise, gut instinct and spidey senses to predict exactly which ones are going to sell out the fastest. The goal of this exercise is to mentally make note of the most popular stuff so that I might prioritize them in the midst of my frantic beelining. Practicing discernment is even more important in this case because H&M x Erdem includes a men’s collection, too — and yes, Virginia, I would wear most if not all of it.

Behold, the 10 pieces floating to the surface of my crystal ball for various important reasons:

1. The fun leopard coat that will sell out in two minutes ($249)

2. The practical checked coat that will sell out in one minute ($249)

3. The earrings that people will inevitably throw into their shopping carts at the last minute ($39.99)

4. The trousers that will go with everything you own ($129)

5. The dress you’ll see at every holiday party (and still want) ($249)

6. The easy-to-justify socks that will make all your shoes look cooler ($34.99)

7. The skirt that will make you feel like Cher Horowitz ($99)

8. The (men’s) fleece that might justify a normcore comeback

9. The (men’s) sweater that will make you feel like you’re in Aspen sipping hot chocolate

10. The (men’s) shirt that will make you feel like you’re in Hawaii sipping a piña colada

Blink once if your crystal ball agrees. Blink twice if it doesn’t (and tell me more in the comments).

Images via Erdem x H&M

Harling Ross

Harling is a writer and was most recently the Brand Director at Man Repeller.

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