Eva Victor Is Making Me Love Twitter Again

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Starting here with an understatement…

Twitter is sometimes not a fun place to be. This is—as it relates to the current state of global affairs—totally appropriate. But it is also a sad fact.

Occasionally, I feebly punish the universe for this reality by deleting Twitter off my phone. Sometimes I do it for a weekend, or a week, but after a while, going completely without it never feels quite right. And lately, this not-all-that-effective form of self-care has been harder for me to commit to—because now there is Eva Victor.

The comedian and writer’s posts started popping up during one of my previous bouts of Twitterlessness, and following her account upon my return has transformed my feed. I still get the news (and news analysis) that makes Twitter valuable and necessary in my view, but the overall milieu of the app is now balanced out by her videos, which are impressively frequent and watch-on-a-forever-loop funny. Of course there are lots of funny people on Twitter—but Victor stands out to me for having found her own unique way of taking the day’s news and turning it into something that qualifies as both biting commentary and the same kind of lighthearted, bizzaro humor that made Vine so loveable. (Also… I often like her outfits.)

She started posting videos regularly in the spring, but they’ve really taken off this summer, so maybe you’re already a fan. (Vulture interviewed her last summer, before she became known for her videos, and she’s written for Reductress and more recently for The New Yorker, too.) But maybe you are not yet initiated. In which case: How lucky for you! For those who qualify as the former, consider this post a greatest hits for you to re-visit now or the next time you need a morale boost. For the latter, please allow Eva Victor to make Twitter a more habitable—dare I say enjoyable!—place starting now.

Without further delay, I submit some of Victor’s best Twitter videos—both as entertainment for you, but also as proof that she needs her own show as soon as possible. I’ve put them into a few naturally occurring categories below.

Explaining Things to Her “Boyfriend”

On Why Pay Equity “Makes No Sense”

On Why They Should Go to the Straight Pride Parade

On How Sunscreen Works

Hyper-Specific Impressions

Every Democrat at the First 2020 Presidential Debate

A Person Who Is “Just Completely Wrong”

Coco Rocha Posing


The Robert Mueller of Your Office

Extremely Relatable Impressions

Explaining Depression to Someone Who Does Not Have It:

Killing It on a First Date:

Getting a New Gingham Outfit:

Following Eva Victor on Twitter has caused the algorithmic Gods to send a few other really funny, newer comedians my way lately. (Megan Stalter is one whose videos keep making me laugh.) BUT I’m greedy for more, and wouldn’t mind if you obliged me with your favorite recent follow, either!

Feature photo via Eva Victor.

Mallory Rice

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