MR Book Club: 12 Fall Recommendations


There’s just something about reading in the fall. Maybe it’s that familiar back-to-school feeling. Or maybe it’s the novelty of a gray sky after so much blue, a knit after so much cotton, a couch after so much beach. Whatever the catalyst, when the weather dips below 70, we all get more syrupy than a Nicholas Sparks novel (NOT A BOOK REC) about hunkering down, cuddling up, snuggling in. They don’t call it cuffing season for nothing. And there’s really nothing cozier than reading under a blanket, if we’re going to be romantic about it.

By winter we’ll probably be a little cabin feverish, but during the fall we’re a bunch of good-natured shut-ins. We’re rosy-cheeked, we’re charitable, we’re probably overdoing it a little bit with the layers. But most importantly: we’re ready to politely decline social invites because “it’s too cold” in favor of a good read. If you’re looking for something to pick up — either new or tried and true — click through above to 12 recommendations from the team at Man Repeller. Then let us know yours in the comments below!

See you, love you, bye.

P.S. You can also read one of our summer beach reads in the fall, there are no rules!

Photos by Krista Anna Lewis.

Haley Nahman

Haley Nahman

Haley Nahman is the Features Director at Man Repeller.

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