Pick One: The Only Fall Boots You Need

I have spent so much time talking about shoes lately, due in part to a small collection of footwear that I am launching in cahoots with Net-a-Porter in a couple weeks. I am coyly mentioning this here but saying nothing else about it until October 27th. In answering the same question over and over again — Why design shoes and not something else? — I’ve learned that shoes, more than any other accessory, maintain an incredible escapist quality that precludes exactly no one from participating in fashion. You don’t have to look any way other than like yourself to feel good about how you look in shoes, nor do you have to hold yourself to ridiculous standards in order to feel “included” in the fashion dialogue. Just buy the damn pair you love for no reason other than lust and feel fantastic every time you look down. This works particularly well when you’re, say, getting a bikini wax and the only thing that keeps you going is how great your feet look as they traipse one in front of the other.

Plus, as Carolina Herrera once astutely pointed out in an episode of The Chatroom, “You need shoes. If you don’t have shoes, you can’t leave your house,” which is such a powerful sentiment. Imagine being trapped at home forever? A prisoner among your own possessions!?

Now that it’s getting cold as fuck outside and our bodies have not yet acclimated to the bullshit nipple tassels we are forced to wear (I just wanted to see if you were paying attention), there’s no time like the present to roadmap which one pair of boots you are going to select to get you through fall and winter. To help, I present nine pairs that I would buy if I had 18 feet. Because I only have on set, though, I think I’ll go with those gold-ass Guccis — no! — the black-and-white Dorateymurs. Embroidered Altuzarras?

This is hard.

You don’t have to buy them now if you don’t want to, and woe is the decision making process when it’s still kind of soon to tell who you’ll want to be for the next SIX MONTHS, but have a goal and stick to it! Pick a pair, monitor them, nurture them as though they were your remote child. And go ham in your iPhone notes developing outfits with existing product from within your wardrobe to help nail your point about why you really, really need these.

Photos by Krista Anna Lewis.

Leandra M. Cohen

Leandra M. Cohen is the founder of Man Repeller.

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