Open Thread: What Are You Purging From Your Closet Right Now?

About a week ago, I moved into my own place in Brooklyn. It felt both monumental (the first place I could call my own since my high school bedroom!) and scary (financially, maybe idiotic!). Most of all, it showed me that I simply have too much shit. 

Say it with me: Too! Much! Shit!

The “too much shit” mantra applies to virtually every aspect of my life—random papers, half-stamped loyalty cards, a metric ton of tote bags, face mists I was sure I would bring to the beach someday. But, of course, I also have too much clothing. I brought trash bags stuffed with sweaters, garment bags by the baker’s dozen, shoes stacked up to my chin. 

I’m not good at shedding. But I’m ready for The Purge. (No, not the 2013 dystopian thriller with a 39% Rotten Tomatoes rating. We’re already living in that.)

So, what am I purging? Coats that feel redundant. I don’t need a second fleece. Those pink Balenciaga pumps I bought for $80 from The RealReal that I probably won’t wear ever again (read: more than once). That puffy green headband I can’t seem to figure out how to wear.

I’m nixing the pieces in my closet that are “doubles”—items whose function and style are served by another item in my closet that pretty much has the same purpose. I’m eliminating clothing I haven’t worn in the past year (pre-pandemic, that is). And I’m cutting the things that don’t feel like they will grow with me in the next year, that feel ensconced in a certain former version of myself. 

As far as what I want to acquire, that churn rate has slowed. The things I want are much more specific: a blouse I know will support a small brand, a pair of earrings that will permit me to play dress-up for a dinner date outside, or home goods that will help my days go faster or slower, depending on what I need.

That said, what are YOU purging from your closet these days? And what are you looking to acquire? Has the prospect of spending lots of time at home, regardless of your work or schooling situation, changed what you might want this season? Drop your needs and wants in the comments so we can chat.

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