Ideal Fall Style Identity: Ready to Pick an Apple

We are going apple picking.

The whole crew. Everyone’s in!

Here’s how this is going to work:

We’ll all take the train to the West 4th Street Stop on Christopher and 7th Avenue South. The L stops at 14th if it’s easier for you to go there and walk a few blocks — weather’s supposed to be perfect.

(The B, the D, the F, the M, the A, the C and the E are all “right there” too.)

Given that this is a photo opportunity just as much as it is about fresh produce, I thought it might be nice if we coordinated. We don’t have to go overboard with it! But what if we all dressed in the theme of autumnal foliage?

You know: Oranges and greens, chocolates and golds, reds and rusts. All those upstate tree colors that change around just now in late October.

You totally don’t have to.

But if you’re into it, what if we went with a “jackets” theme? Something cropped and collared, as much a part of the outfit — if not all of it — as the rest of the clothes underneath it. After all, even though it’s already cold, it kinda feels like the last time we can be outdoors without a coat-coat, and though I’m not going for full-blown statement, I wouldn’t mind saying something other than “I’ve surrendered to my puffer from now through forever.”

(No offense to my puffer; we spent too much time together last winter and I still am craving some space.)

(Fine: let’s bring coats just in case, but I’m taking mine off for all the photos.)

Underneath, I was thinking of cozy cable knit sweaters. Or cardigans. With pearls! On the buttons, on sweaters, on necks or at least near earlobes — although I might wear my new dangly earrings.

To make it clear that we’re being slightly ironic with the pearls, however, maybe our pants can be tartan or vinyl. Or we can go with leggings, but add textured socks with fuzzy slides to keep it cozy, weird, and looking like “I just rolled off my couch, then threw this cool stuff on,” rather than toooo athleisure, you know?

Once dressed, we’ll meet down in the West Village area. Then we’ll walk over to the farmer’s market on Hudson and West 12th street; we can pick up food, snacks, cider, coffee, doughnuts and apples there.

Oh yeah: I should have said we’re going apple pickup-ing. Not apple picking. Apple pickup-ing, like they’re at apple daycare and we’re their apple moms.

I swear it’ll feel just as fall-y.

We can eat the snacks and the food and coffee and doughnuts right away, if we want. Then maybe we’ll stroll around, check out stores in the area. Stop at a neighborhood friend’s house and see if she wants to watch a movie for a minute. Spike the cider later for a late afternoon drink.

We just have to remember to make it the West Coast Highway by 4:45 p.m.-ish for the sunset lighting. We should bring a blanket. We can watch the sailboats and skateboarders and dogs go by, and then, assemble for picture taking.

With the apples, of course.

(Reminder now to save at least an armful. We’ll divvy them up among us post-photos, before we part ways — perfect for lunch. An apple a day…)

I’m so excited! Invite whoever!

Oh, and this is kind of a side note, but if you have a beret, bring one.

Photographed by Edith Young. Styled by Amelia Diamond. Assisted by Starling Irving. Makeup by Maggie Mondanile. Modeled by Leah Eliopulos, Cecilia Gorgon and Paulena Lynch

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond is a writer, creative consultant, and Man Repeller alumnus living in New York City.

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