Welcome to Family Month

Pass the salt and give me shit about it: It’s Family Month on Man Repeller!

November first marks the commencement of holiday season, which means gatherings galore uniting all different kinds of families. There are massive feasts where your maternal and paternal families converge over turkey comas and midnight leftover sandwiches, awkward office parties, Friendsgivings. It’s fun and important for the heart, but of course, families — in addition to being our lifeblood, lifeline and source of love in so many literal and metaphorical ways — can bring about a whole host of emotions. Families are complicated, stress-inducing, messy and all over the place. But isn’t it a comfort to know that mostly everyone feels this way? In fact, that’s the only “norm” I can guarantee you’ll find, because no two families are the same.

Consider this google search of “animal families,” for example. (A real day-maker.)

Within the broad category of families, we have…

+ Family-families: those connected to one another by either gene pools, your parents’ friends (“aunts and uncles”) and/or paperwork
+ Work families: those who bond over spreadsheets, brainstorms and paychecks
+ Friends: if you have a Pinterest account, then you know that friends are our “chosen” families
+ Pets: don’t tell a dog owner that a pup is not her sister or daughter
+ Neighbors: they count if you count them!

The list goes on for as many definitions as you yourself include, which is pretty beautiful, isn’t it?

We’ve got some great stuff planned for this month ahead that we can’t wait to share with you, our Man Repeller family. And since the comment section is our equivalent of a dinner table (still waiting for that salt, by the way, no worries — I see you’re still using it), settle in down below and let us know what kind of content surrounding this topic you’d like to see. We just might break out the cranberry sauce and write it.

Photo by Louisiana Mei Gelpi; Creative Direction by Emily Zirimis. 

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond is a writer, creative consultant, and Man Repeller alumnus living in New York City.

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