Fashion Week So Whats


So what if…

You did not buy a single new thing.

Literally nothing.

So what if you want to wear the same outfit every day because it seems less stressful.

So what if you still like the shoes that are apparently no longer cool.


And just now figured out how to wear a shirt that started trending back in April — so you’re really excited about it.


So what if your seats kind of suck. So what if you’re standing?


So what if you’re working the backstage check-ins and miss all of the runway action. I’ve been there and it’s annoying but remember that not everyone gets to be a part of this so you’re lucky. Promise.

Oh yeah, so what if you’re not invited? You’ll get there.

So what if you CANNOT TAKE another runway shot in your feed? I promise that doesn’t make you less of a fashion fan.

So what if you actually can’t get enough of it because you want to absorb all that you can?

So what if you’re not so sure if you like the show that everyone’s going crazy over?


So what if you definitely hate it?

So what if you want to cry because that’s how much you love it?

So what if a review confuses you — that doesn’t say anything about the strength of your brain.

The writer might have been confused, too. IDK. Just saying.

So what if you’d rather not discuss the hem length this season nor the color palettes on models’ eyelids.


Changing interests isn’t treason.

So what if your palms get a little sweaty and your heart races when you see it — the show that shifts your mindset to the left and has the capacity to change your hour-ago perception.

So what if you still want to talk about it when everyone’s moved on to the next one?

(You can come here to talk about it. Guaranteed you’ll find someone.)

So what if you still can’t get enough of this world even if it at times makes you feel crazy?

Deep breathe before “the madness.” Just when you thought fall was starting, fashion week would like to welcome you to Spring/Summer 2017.


Illustrations by Emily Zirimis.


Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond is a writer, creative consultant, and Man Repeller alumnus living in New York City.

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