5 Ways, 5 Days: Felicity Sargent

This month’s installment of 5 Ways, 5 Days features Felicity Sargent — a New York-based writer, stylist and digital consultant, who did not attempt a plebeian negligee like some people I know quite intimately have attempted in the past. Nay, she went for a nylon, belted floral jacket — what some might dub the impossible to repurpose but make possible did she. Below, the outcome of a fashion math code that has been so comprehensively cracked, I want to call in Benedict Cumberbatch, whose name I forgot and just had to google.

“I was particularly excited for this challenge because (1) I love justifying the purchase of anything by fantasizing about *ALL THE WAYS* I’ll wear it; and (2) the garment I chose to get all crazy with is the first and only thing I’ve ever split with a friend.

We were about to exit vintage fair A Current Affair last spring when we fortuitously spotted this belted, nylon ruffled floral jacket. Judging by the tag, it’s probably ’60s or ’70s Saint Laurent. I tried it on; she tried it on; I tried it on again, while standing on my tippy toes and cocking my head and staring into the mirror, as one does; she tried it on again, taking an endlessly whimsical twirl — and then we both tried it on again and again until we decided that the only sane and rational way to go on living our lives was for us to go dutch. And the decision to do so has been nothing but bliss.

Day 1:


Vintage pants — similar here, Amélie Pichard shoes, vintage Courrèges bag, vintage glasses — others here

What’s that old adage? “If you have a spare hair tie and enough fabric to play with, the possibilities are endless.” Or did I just make that up? Hmmm. So, what happened here is, I wrapped the jacket backwards around my body like a tube top and tied the sleeves around my waist, fastened with a hair tie (with some help from Krista), added some voluminous peachy (both in color and in demeanor) pants, and threw on some semi-sheer shades.

Day 2:


Brandy Melville skirt, The Row bag, Barneys New York shoes, street vendor glasses — another pair here

I’m officially an outfit repeat offender. I’ve worn this before and I’ll wear it again. I’m a sucker for a corduroy miniskirt and I might be the one person on the planet who’s been rejoicing about pantyhose making a comeback.

Day 3:


Wolford slip, BCBG knit dress, Givenchy shoes, vintage bag — similar here, Dad’s old “Press Club” charm necklace from the ’40s — alternative here

This was inspired in the wild when I was wearing look two for the first time. I tied the jacket around my waist and was in awe that it could actually approximate a skirt.

Day 4:


Isabel Marant shorts, Co belt — another here, vintage Judith Leiber bag, Nicholas Kirkwood boots

Mom, I promise I’m wearing shorts underneath, and you know you wore something similar in the ’60s.

Look 5:


Citizen of Humanity jeans, Adidas sneakers, Alexander Wang backpack, sunglasses from Canal Street — similar style here

I love the time of year when you can wear a thick A$$ sweater that’d be warm enough on it’s own so your coat can be purely decorative.

Photos by Krista Anna Lewis.

Leandra M. Cohen

Leandra M. Cohen is the founder of Man Repeller.

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