21 Questions about ‘Girls’ Season 6, Episode 6


We’ve learned a lot over these past five and a bit seasons of Girls. This week brings a new lesson: impromptu scatting at a purple-ish venue in New Jersey is never a good idea. Episode six finds Hannah, Marnie, Elijah, and even Adam and Jessa trying to figure out how, exactly, they’ve ended up where they are. Apparently, at least some of this started in a bulk-bin aisle years ago. The truth is, it’s impossible to fully understand what propels any of us forward. Tempting though it may be to blame them, it can’t all be our moms’ fault.

This season (and this episode) witness Hannah’s effort to decide whether she’s ready for some next phase, some evolution, some ultimate destination. But what, exactly, prepares a person for adulthood? No one has an exact answer, but Hannah has come to a crucial conclusion — that however much money you make, however much you’re bound to fuck up your kid, a lot of a person’s life is decided by the people she surrounds herself with. And for the first time maybe ever, Hannah isn’t will to accept just anyone, even if that makes her a psychopath.

1. Let’s kick this off on an unrelated note: Does anyone really prefer mixing a salad themselves? Like, dressing on the side when you pick up your lunch from Sweetgreen? That’s a quick way to have salad ribbons all over your desk. Can we all agree that just waiting in line to have it mixed is the preferable way? Thank you; good day.

2. Has any relationship ever really soared when one half thinks the other half was “just supposed to be grateful” that she even wanted to talk to him?

3. Does anyone who doesn’t work as an OB-GYN “literally know hundreds of pull-out babies”? And even then?

4. Do you think manicurists see Marnie’s hands and are just like, “Now, those are hands”? They’re very shapely!

5. According to Marnie, what do you think it means to “basically have your shit together”? Like, if you’re Marnie — wayward, crazed, selfish Marnie — what even constitutes that?

6. When Hannah insists that Marnie’s support “kinda makes [her] wanna do it less,” could that seriously mean she mostly wants to have a baby to prove everyone wrong?

7. How many times has Desi worn that sweatshirt in a row?

8. Where does Marnie go to stock up on diamante-accented dresses?

9. Isn’t a “bad dream come true” just a nightmare? Or is there some distinction I’m missing?

10. Aw, Hannah, writing for Esquire about controversial app creators and striving to meet deadlines! She really is living the dream, isn’t she?

11. Why does it matter to Adam “if it’s real”?

12. Wow, remember Fran?

13. Do you think “I’m pregnant” is the ultimate rejoinder?

14. But really, shouldn’t Marnie know what a high person looks like by now?

15. What would “rock bottom” even look like for Marnie? Because I keep thinking we’ve hit it and then she surprises me?

16. Why does it always fall to cameo appearances to be the voices of reason on this show?

17. Where did Marnie find her hair #inspo for this gig?

18. Would you choose Marnie over “JC Chavez”?

19. Do you believe Hannah that she doesn’t care about Jessa anymore?

20. Is that how it was for Hannah and Adam? Because I remember it differently?

21. They met in the bulk-bin aisle?

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