What Glossier’s New Cloud Paint Shades Look Like on 3 Skintones

Man Repeller intern test-drives the new Glossier Cloud Paint in Dawn and Storm.

Glossier maintains such a cult following that it feels, at this point, almost counterculture to not be a fan. The contrarian in me wants to not buy in, but unfortunately I genuinely love all my Glossier products. They are packaged and marketed well, yes, but there is a through line in the products’ approachability past the point of purchase. I’ve found everything just as fun and easy to use as it is aesthetically pleasing. As a very casual makeup user, Glossier has come to scratch an itch I didn’t know I had in the world of beauty.

Cloud Paint is probably my favorite Glossier product. Since I cut out most makeup last spring for the sake of my skin (which worked!), I miss having a “healthy” color in my cheeks the most. On days I feel I want a little something, Cloud Paint gives me a natural-looking flush. I’ve been using Haze (described by Glossier’s site as a “deep berry”) for months, but when I heard about the new shades, Dawn (a “sunny coral”) and Storm (a “warm rose”), I was eager to see if one would be a better fit for summer months.

If you’re new to Cloud Paint or already a fan, here is what the new shades look like on three skintones: mine, Nora’s and Imani’s — plus some application tips. I’ll warn: It’s subtle. But I think that’s the point of Cloud Paint. Do you want to look slightly like you just went on a run, slightly like you’re embarrassed, or slightly like you spent too long in the sun yesterday? Buyer’s choice!

On Haley (a.k.a. me)

Do you typically wear blush or cheek color?

I dab on Cloud Paint probably three times a week. I feel like it makes me look energized even when I’m not. Almost every time I wear it my boyfriend says, “You look cute and flushed, are you warm?” And every time I remind him it’s makeup. That’s how subtle it is!

Which did you prefer: Storm or Dawn?

I expected to prefer Storm (orange scares me), but I ended up liking Dawn. It felt true its “sunny coral” name and I think it will be my new summer go-to.

Any tips for applying?

Dab on the smallest — almost laughable — amount to start. It goes a long way. I pat it on (never swipe) really lightly over a large area. I keep tapping around until it looks even. Then it dries and stays put.

On Nora

Do you typically wear blush or cheek color?

I don’t! As these photos will tell you, I’m pretty unskilled when it comes to makeup.

Which did you prefer: Storm or Dawn?

When I initially saw Dawn on my face, I regretted allowing photos of this process on the internet — I put way too much on — but once I blended it in, I loved it. It made me look like a fun person!! Very Blue Crush, like a fun, beachy gal who is not anxious 98% of her waking hours. I would never in a million years have picked orange makeup. Love a makeup that also serves as a reminder to take (calculated) risks.

But I would ultimately go with Storm; it’s more low-key. It gave me the kind of blush I wish I got naturally, rather than the blotchy pink I turn whenever I get slightly winded. I would say this is a color that gives me a romantic, windswept look, but like in a chill way. Talking about your face is hard! Anyway, I signed up for this whole test hoping that one of these would make me look exactly like Jorja Smith. Shockingly, neither did, but I still liked them. Easy to put on, not heavy at all and I got some compliments around the office.

Any tips for applying or picking a shade? Learn from my clown-like mistakes and start with a teeny tiny amount.

On Imani

Do you typically wear blush or cheek color?

I typically gravitate toward highlighter more than blush, but I wear Cloud Paint in Haze at least twice a week. It’s the first blush that I’ve ever truly liked — in my opinion, it’s a standout in regards to shade, but also formula, since it’s a cream rather than a powder.

Which did you prefer: Storm or Dawn?

Surprisingly, Dawn. The first time I saw it, I thought it looked a lot like tomato paste and didn’t even consider that it could look flattering on me. But now I’ve worn it like three times in the past week — it might take Haze’s place as my all-time favorite.

Any tips for applying or picking a shade?

I recommend dabbing the product on, rather than swiping it, because it’s easier to control this way and it better maintains the shade’s opacity.

Photos by Starling Irving. 

Haley Nahman

Haley Nahman

Haley Nahman is the Features Director at Man Repeller.

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