I’m Ready for New Going-Out Clothes

I think I want new going-out clothes. I haven’t uttered that sentence since the age of 21 when my college roommates and I were dabbling in a strict nighttime uniform of peplum tops and bandage skirts, and frankly, I never thought I would again. But here I am: just a girl, standing in front of my closet, asking it to thrill me.

Since college, my going-out uniform has evolved considerably in substance but hardly at all in breadth, by which I mean I tend to wear the same five or so pieces over and over when I’m getting dressed for a Friday or Saturday night activity. I still like this rotation of items a great deal, but I’m craving some additional ingredients to add to the mix for the sake of variety, a.k.a. the spice of life.

What about a pair of pale green corduroy pants, for example? What a spicy ingredient those would be. I realize pale green corduroy pants don’t scream “night on the town” at first glance, but picture them with a knit crop top and bubblegum pink velvet shoes and I think you’ll change your tune. This ensemble is an apt manifestation of the characteristics I attribute to a cool going-out outfit: immune to the pitfall of accidentally wearing the same thing as someone else, but not so offbeat that it doesn’t retain some sense of good old-fashioned sex appeal, whatever your personal definition of that may be (for me it’s pretty much anything paired with a high heel).

Extra points if those high heels are plaid and married to pearl-adorned straps. I blame the remaining portion of this outfit on Haley Nahman for catching the pink-and-red sartorial bug and spreading it to anyone within a five-foot sneezing radius. I guess that’s the danger of sitting diagonally across from someone every day.

Lastly, I’m craving a long-sleeved dress of middling length that vaguely resembles a nightgown, and LOOK!!!!!!!!! Topshop is a mind-reader. I would wear it exclusively with knee-high boots and romantic gold jewelry because I’m planning for my fall partying persona to be “Victorian-era equestrian who just woke up from a fun nightmare.”

How about you?

Collages by Louisiana Mei Gelpi.

Harling Ross

Harling is a writer and was most recently the Brand Director at Man Repeller.

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