“Going Out” Outfits You Can Actually Wear in the Winter

“Going out” outfits are a frequent topic of conversation, both colloquially and on the internet. How many times have you received a text from a friend asking, “What are you wearing tonight?” or clicked on a headline advertising “6 Cool Going Out Dresses to Buy Right Now”? I can only speak for myself but, personally, the answer is: many times.

The fact that going-out outfits are uniquely F-U-N to concoct given their designation as a costume for evening merriment is certainly a driver of this conversation, hence their association with dramatic tops and statement earrings and shiny materials, but there’s more to it than that. There’s also the fact that they require some degree of strategy, which means the F-U-N is couched in a bit of a challenge that goes beyond simply capturing the sentiment of merriment. In my book, a good going out outfit is also practical. Practical enough that you can dance in it (i.e. something you can throw in the wash the next day if sweaty pits are involved), traipse from location to location or bar to bar in it (i.e. no teetering heels), or be distraught after an accidental run-in with a sloshing pitcher of beer in it (i.e. not your mom’s favorite, one-of-a-kind silk blazer).

Add in the extra spicy ingredient of WINTER and dealing with THE ELEMENTS, and you’ve got yourself a going-out pickle. But you know what? Pickles are delicious, and if you’re able to establish your favorite way to eat them (on top of a peanut butter sandwich or betwixt the cheese and bun of a burger, for example), they’re especially satisfying. If you’re wondering whether this pickle thing is a metaphor for brainstorming cool winter going-out outfit suggestions, you are a peach and a genius all rolled into one. Find three below, and let me know what you’re wearing out on the town in February down in the comments.

First up: I’ve been on the hunt for a slightly shimmery turtleneck (because what screams “partying in the winter” more than that?) ever since I spotted Cèline’s rendition, and this rosy-colored J.Crew version does just the trick. I would ideally layer something utterly summer-y over it, like this Sandy Liang top, plus a velvet blazer for added contrast and warmth. I’ll admit the Malone Souliers x Roksanda Jolene pumps I selected to complete this equation aren’t exactly ice-friendly, but they’re 40% off! Just keep your eye on the weather app and you’ll be fine.

This second outfit is Liza Minelli-inspired because it features a sequin dress so short it could also pass as a shirt in a pinch. But a shirt it is not! (Technically). Paired with shiny silver tights, color-blocked boots and a patent trench coat, it becomes quite winter-appropriate, don’t you think? If you buy one thing, though, buy the trench coat. It’s $105 but looks like a million bucks, literally and figuratively.

Last but not least, I’ve been overcome by a strong urge of late to dress in head-to-toe lavender. Is this the monochrome impulse that follows head-to-toe red? Perhaps! I sure hope so, because Easter eggs and gender-neutral baby shower decor have always been two of my greatest style inspirations. Also, the fact that this blouse is 70% off and comes with a built-in scarf seems like the best investment since 2-in-1 shampoo.

What are you wearing out these days!?

Collages by Louisiana Mei Gelpi.

Harling Ross

Harling is a writer and was most recently the Brand Director at Man Repeller.

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