In partnership with Gucci

Gucci Cruise on a Cruise: A Feast For Your Eyes

In partnership with Gucci

What happens when you take a crew, pluralize them so they become crews, put them in Gucci’s brand new Cruise (wear) and ask them to pose on a cruise? I’ll just tell you! I don’t have the patience to wait for your answer! You get crews on a cruise, wearing Cruise on a cruise.

Why has it taken us so long to actualize this photoshoot? Here we stand (sit, really), knee deep in sale season, exhausted by sale season because everyone is talking about it, ready for the next new thing to launch. As it happens every December, the next new launch is a resort collection, interchangeably called Cruise, Pre-Spring and even Holiday in some instances. These collections sweep in to give you something nice and new to look at, and more importantly, to serve as a sparkling reminder as we enter the most bitter time of year that the sun will no doubt shine again. (It always does.)

But maybe you’re interested in a brief history lesson — here we are talking about balmy sunshine before the first snowstorm has even hit — on the evolution of Cruise, a collection that launched as the meat of a mainline sandwich (so, between Fall and Spring collections) in the 20th century. Its primary purpose was to satisfy affluent travelers who set sail to warmer climates over the holiday season. These collections typically included bathing suits and cover ups, lightweight dresses and the like. But because evolution does not apply simply to monkey becoming man, over time these collections changed, and often now feature cold-weather wears to take you through the winter season in addition to the sale offering left lingering from the fall collections.

A gold cardigan, for example, could very well serve you through the trenches of winter when it is not styled over a flimsy aqua-colored slip dress. Ditto that for a multi-color cropped jacket, dutifully paired with a counter print skirt: just add tights, close your eyes and without thinking twice it’s like we’re on the same sailboat, snacking on pastries and produce, reclining on ambitiously embroidered pillows, all displayed as some of the latest and greatest of Gucci’s decor collection.

Sometimes you don’t actually have to go anywhere to feel like you’re going somewhere — just escaping through the photos (and, of course, the clothes) is enough.

Photos by Edith Young; Prop styling by Emily Zirimis and Louisiana Mei Gelpi; Modeled by Kate Bowman, Alisha Bansal, Zohara Even, Lucas Cristino and Izabela W; Hair by Timothy Aylward; Makeup by Regard Tang. 

Leandra M. Cohen

Leandra M. Cohen is the founder of Man Repeller.

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