In partnership with Gucci

Ta-da! The Gucci Ring Bag Is the Magical Fall Accessory You Need

In partnership with Gucci.

It is an undisputed truth shared by jazz standards, rom-coms, and pumpkin-flavor enthusiasts that autumn is a truly magical time. It’s a feast for the senses, a party for your eyes, ears, nose, and mouth, not to mention an excuse to layer yourself like a golden-crusted millefeuille, piling on sweaters and shirts with so much enthusiasm that it goes without saying you might be interested in a helping hand, a piece of extra aesthetic real estate to join you in your pursuit of depth and textural intrigue–like, for example, a purse that comes replete with a silk scarf tied around the handle à la Gucci’s Ring Bag.

It’s the pinnacle of accessory excellence: an accessory that accessorizes itself, that marries a classic silky layer with a functional but no less aesthetically pleasing vehicle for your keys and rhinestone sunglasses. Oh, and the scarf is removable! Just in case you and your bag are sitting inside a toasty subway car and the handle starts to overheat, or if you’re feeling a little jealous of the innate dapperness that only a swatch of silky perfection can provide. Magical. Just like autumn itself.

Speaking of magical (and apologies for this not-so-subtle transition…) Leandra took her GG Ring Bag for a spin on a quintessential autumn afternoon and things went a little haywire when she encountered—of all things!—a magician.

If the pumpkin-flavored-something you are hopefully sipping right now is making you loopy with eagerness for more deets on how the magic was made (but not literally, you know we can’t give away those kinds of trade secrets), take a gander at the below slideshow for behind-the-scenes insights and emotional abracadabras.

Photos by Louisiana Mei Gelpi.

Nora Taylor

Nora Taylor

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