The Chatroom: Gwyneth Paltrow



I wish you could have seen the list of for-approval questions that we sent to Gwyneth Paltrow’s team before filming this.

We wanted to know things like: What flits about behind her eyelids during a midnight’s slumber? Even though one cannot see them, how many pores does Gwyneth Paltrow actually have? What is her policy on literally everything? What does she wash her face with?  Where does she shop? What does she eat for breakfast? Does she drink?? What does she talk to her daughter about? What does she say to the haters? What are her favorite jeans? How did she build this business? What is it about her new perfume that makes it different from other perfumes? How does she respond to criticism? IS MAN REPELLER GOOP-APPROVED?

We were surprised that the majority of these questions were given the green light. Breakfast = smoothie, by the way, even though she said she’s really not a huge breakfast person and would rather a coffee with half-and-half. Watch, learn and enjoy in the video above.


Follow Gwyneth Paltrow on Twitter @GwynethPaltrow and visit her website Goop, too. Want basically shop Gwyneth’s closet? Check out Goop Label.

You know who loves Gwyneth Paltrow? Our Editorial Director, Leslie. Remember the Chatroom with Jenna Lyons? Watching it may inspire you to try the J.Crew Model Diet.

Edited by Jay Buim; photographed by Simon Chetrit.

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