Harling and Haley Debate Wedding Attire and Home Decor

On Apr 17, 2018 at 6:51 PM, Harling Ross wrote:

It feels like we were literally just talking about what we wanted to buy in March and now we’re talking about what we want to buy in April. WHAT IS LIFE. WHAT IS TIME.

Anyways, I have big old agenda of things I would like to discuss with you, starting with these Maryam Nassir Zadeh wedges. I know they’re expensive! I know they’re green! But aren’t they the best shade of green you’ve ever personally laid eyes on? And don’t you think they’d be the perfect, comfortable spring shoe for fancy occasions like Mondays at the office and Saturdays on the town? I would wear them with white cotton kaftans and bermuda shorts and one-piece swimsuits, specifically this one because it looks like something a majorette would wear in the South of France in 1962.

Rolling with that outfit, I’d also add these sunglasses and this necklace, because accessories are to summer as layers are to winter i.e. VITAL. Might as well throw these earrings and this bag in, too.

On Apr 18, 2018 at 10:04 AM, Haley Nahman wrote:

I sent you those wedges in our last email thread!!!!! But the red ones, because I hate that shade of green. That said, I saw my friend Chelsea wearing this dress recently and she looked incred, so maybe I’m coming around. Still mad about the 2017 Pantone color of the year

You keep saying accessories are the layers of summer and it’s scaring me because I’m bad at accessories. I’ve always preferred to spend my money on clothes. What are earrings really doing for me anyway!? Then again I’m still loyal to the only pair of earrings I’ve bought in the last year: Laura Lombardi curves. Worth every penny. Also, you should buy these.

Anyway my focus right now is trousers. All our talk last month of “summer looks” was honestly futile. IT SNOWED!!!! I’ve come to my senses and am back on pants patrol. Eyeing these Ganni khakis and these Topshop cargos!!! (You inspired me.)

I also kind of want these Eckhaus Latta jeans. Wouldn’t they look cool with a white Hanes T-shirt? Or this Sorry shirt! Which I plan to wear next time Avi tries to get me to play video games.

Also I know this massive mustard turtleneck is the opposite of spring but I love it and need it.

Now that I’m on Need Supply: I feel like you should buy this polka dot top. Only $68!

On Apr 18, 2018 at 9:40 PM, Harling Ross wrote:

I would like to kindly steer you away from that one-shouldered green dress and push you smack into this one-shouldered yellow one. Also, while we’re on the topic of dresses, can I please solicit your stamp of approval for this one, from Saloni, for me? I would wear it day and night all summer, I’m fairly positive. Thanks for reminding me about your 2017 pantone color of the year story.

You’re not bad at accessories you just haven’t delved into them with abandon as of yet. I can’t wait for that impulse to strike. I don’t like those orange earrings but I love your Laura Lombardi ones. I thought I would stop loving them given how trendy they’ve become but on the contrary my affection has only deepened, which means they’re on their way to becoming a true classic. BTW — am I a complete walnut for wanting this Gucci barrette??

I adore those Ganni khakis and want to see you inside them. Ganni is so good right now, huh? I have this dress and wear it at least once a week, as you know since you sit right across from me. I think I could really do justice to this maxi too, though.

GET THOSE Eckhaus Latta jeans! They rule. But nix the “Sorry” shirt and replace it with this cute puff-sleeved top from Pixie Market. Or this one, which I literally just added to my shopping cart as I typed this sentence.

Thank you for the polka-dot shirt suggestion but FYI my print loyalties currently lie with that of the jungle variety. I would buy these $95 zebra Ferragamo mules from The RealReal in a HEARTBEAT if my feet were a size 6.5 (cc @ Leandra: you and your tiny feets should totally buy these).

In other news, what do you think of this pineapple bag?

On Apr 25, 2018 at 10:29 AM, Harling Ross wrote:

Gentle bump on Should I Buy This momentum! 🐀🐀 <– luring you in with your favorite animal

On Apr 25, 2018 at 4:25 PM, Haley Nahman wrote:

Harling I abandoned you. I know. I will own that.

I’ve just been so busy with editing and moving and writing and I’m the kind of busy that requires so much of me that I feel HIGH! You know that feeling? Where your life so desperately needs you to be productive that you turn into a machine? That’s me! Avi was joking that he knew I was in robot mode when I sent him a reminder to look at a spreadsheet I made three months ago in regards to planning a trip that’s happening in July. I’ve gone off the deep-end. It’s not so bad though. It’s mostly good stuff!

Anyway enough about me and more about me: If I may, I’d like to engage your superior sleuthing skills to find me a few things I really want and/or need (likely former, let’s be honest) but don’t have time to look for? My dream is for you to be my personal shopper. I’d have added it to you Fashion Editor job description if it were remotely appropriate/within my jurisdiction. Currently on my list:

-COOL RUGS! But not sooooo expensive? I’m about to move into a brand new apartment and I have barely any decor!
-100% cotton underwear to aid in my womanly health that is actually cute and comfortable
-A simple pair of A-line shorts that will make me feel like a million, shorts-loving bucks
-The perfect white T-shirt that won’t look bad after five wears, but which isn’t so expensive that it’s like…why are you spending that much on a T-shirt when Hanes exists?
-MORE JEANS LIKE OUR TRAVE ONES!!!! But sans raw hem, ideally
-A throw blanket that is fun but also soft
-An everyday shoe for spring
-An everyday dress for spring
-A dress for me to wear to my friend’s wedding in Poland in July!
-More cowboy boots. I’m converted.


On Apr 25, 2018 at 6:07 PM, Harling Ross wrote:

It’s funny you say being busy has turned you into a machine because for some reason it turns ME into a hermit crab with no shell! But anyways, I’m honored to be tasked with the privilege of being your personal shopper. I’m pretty sure adding that into my job description is entirely within your jurisdiction. Let’s discuss during our next 1:1. In the meantime, please find a smattering of suggestions vis à vis your requests below.

-COOL RUGS! But not sooooo expensive? I’m about to move into a brand new apartment and I have barely any decor!

What size rugs????? Never mind I’m too impatient to ask you I’m just going to dump a bunch of suggestions here and you can do with that what you will. I’ve had a lot of luck with rug shopping on One Kings Lane in the past. I like this rainbow one, which might not come as a surprise to you because you know I love rainbows. I might like this Turkish one even more though. I know you’re a freak in the sheets for anything plush/soft, so here’s a faux shearling option for your consideration. I’m using these rugs as collateral for my personal invitation to your new apartment by the way. I would like to get a sleepover on the books asap. I’ll sleep anywhere but would prefer a well-lit area for optimal morning selfies.

-100% cotton underwear to aid in my womanly health that is actually cute and comfortable


-A simple pair of A-line shorts that will make me feel like a million shorts-loving bucks

This is a tough assignment because there are VERY FEW chic, sophisticated, structured, well-made, mid-length shorts on the market. Is this a need that we can fill?? Should we found a shorts start-up side hustle???? At any rate, these Zara ones are pretty fun for a business woman at the beach vibe. I also like these belted from Weekend Max Mara that come in both white and khaki green.

-The perfect white T-shirt that won’t look bad after five wears, but which isn’t so expensive that it’s like…why are you spending that much on a T-shirt when Hanes exists?

Amelia swears by this Karla Welch x Hanes crewneck T-shirt, so I called it in for my tie-dye story and I can confirm it’s fab. The perfect “thickness,” if that makes sense.

-MORE JEANS LIKE OUR TRAVE ONES!!!! But sans raw hem, ideally

Ugh I could write 1,000 words about those Trave jeans I love them so much. I’m extremely glad you own them now, too. It makes me feel like an influencer. Anyways, I’ve been eyeing this pair from 3×1 because they have what looks to be a great shape and they’re 100% cotton i.e. no stretch which is the perfect amount of stretch, in my humble opinion.

-A throw blanket that is fun but also soft

You’re welcome.

-An everyday shoe for spring

I’m writing a story about this!! It’s tentatively titled “What the Hell Am I Supposed to Wear on My Feet in the Spring?” A very tough question I’m attempted to answer by means of a market report. It’s definitely not sandal season, but it’s definitely definitely not boot season, so that leaves us with…well, a few options. I’m particularly excited about these Trademark sandal-cum-flats that I called in for the aforementioned story. I also loveeee these straw loafers.

-An everyday dress for spring

Ooooooh! Fun. You know I love you in a dress. Zara has some fun ones right now. I can see you in this or this or this.

-A dress for me to wear to my friend’s wedding in Poland in July!

What’s the dress code???? You’re not giving me enough info! In terms of general cocktail attire, I could see you in this from Mother of Pearl. It’s METALLIC GOLD gingham!!!! Could picture you in this Rosie dress, too.

-More cowboy boots. I’m converted.

Amazon is a treasure trove for affordable cowboy boots. These red ones have your name written all over them, Haley Nahman.

Now that I’ve serviced your heart’s desires, please weigh in on mine: I also have a wedding coming up, except mine is only ONE WEEK AWAY and I have absolutely no idea what to wear. I want a dress that is cool and flattering and spring-y at the same time, which is not always an easy combination to come by. I’ve been eyeing this one from Alexis, this one and this one from Saloni.


On Apr 25, 2018 at 11:55 PM, Haley Nahman wrote:

Bless your heart. I don’t deserve you!!

I love the Turkish rug you sent! I’m also perpetually eyeing Cold Picnic rugs, but they’re kind of expensive. I love this one!!! Possibly because it looks like Avi. I already have a CP boob bath mat, but now I also want this one. I’m on a true decor tip! It’s all I want to look at right now! Look at this quilt!

I have a pair of Pansy underwear! They’re truly great but I wish they were slightly higher-waist. I have this complain constantly about pants too. It’s like designers are too afraid to go all the way and then they accidentally make it mid-rise. Those 3×1 jeans look good! I also love the Max Mara shorts but wish they were a little shorter, like these. I want these! And yes I’m still afraid of Bermudas, feel free to sue.

I love those little Trademark sandals! They remind me of jelly shoes.

I love your wedding [attendee] dress recommendations SO MUCH even though they cost a billion dollars because they indicate you think I am way more glamorous than I am. I gasped when I saw and then was flattered. That Rosie!!!!!! Also your yellow Zara dress rec was perfect and practical and I would like to wear it in a park with those Amazon cowboy boots! Who am I?

As for your wedding, I love your options! What about the DVF dress you have? I feel like it hits all those markers and I love it on you! Would also be into you wearing this or this (variations on a theme). Would look perfect with a teensy rectangle sunglass and those Trademark sandals you linked, which I loved.

Unrelated but I also feel you need this. And maybe these, but only for the name.

On a weird note, I have about a billion denim jackets but I really want a crisp, blocky one. Do you know what I mean? Kiiiind of like this but maybe more so like this. I love Caron Callahan. Look at this! (Sorry I keep gingham-ing.) I’d wear it with this over my chest like all the cool kids in Tokyo.

Speaking of Caron — we need to go to the pop-up tomorrow! Also Nikki Chasin pop-up! I know we keep saying this and then falling into work black holes, but let’s really try after work tomorrow!

Final thought: Is it so wrong to like these?

On Apr 26, 2018 at 11:47 AM, Harling Ross wrote:

THAT RUG DOES LOOK LIKE AVI. You need it. Also please get that yellow Zara dress it’s now all I want to see you in come summer.

OMG THOSE CREATURES OF COMFORT DRESSES. Sorry I keep shouting I’m just really excited about your finds and also maybe a little over-caffeinated. You’ve fully converted me to the gingham-ing lifestyle. Can we both get them and match? I also love this smocked top from the UK brand Olivia Rose The Label, which I just wrote about today because I’m obsessed with so many of the tops. I think I need this one and this one too.

Let’s definitely go to the Nikki Chasin pop-up today. I want this lavender dress so much but also really enjoy this pirate blouse.

Have you window shopped @mrinmycart lately? Elizabeth found this adorable knitwear set from a brand called Lived the Process and I’ve never wanted to lounge in anything more. I think I’m having a thing for knit shorts right now because I bookmarked these Zara ones, too.

I’ve also fallen nose over heels for these candles from Coming Soon, too. They’re called “Goober” candles and I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this but goober is my favorite word. They’re also $24 each so $72 for all three which I feel is the perfect price for a thoughtful gift. My birthday is in seven months, FYI.

I do not like those sunglasses but I do like these pink Poppy Lissiman stunners and these cow print ones from Le Specs a whole lot.

Speaking of animal print, I’ve been doing market for an upcoming animal print style editorial and have officially fallen in lust with these Prada sandals. The tiger print bow!!!! My heart.

In other news, how do we feel about sun hats?

On Apr 26, 2018 at 12:40 PM, Haley Nahman wrote:

I am PRO sun hat, but when I put one on the other day and looked like an adorable adult Madeline, you vetoed!!!!!!!!! I was crushed. But it’s okay it was too small for my big head anyway. Also! I’ve had enough of your extremely fun sunglasses suggestions. They do not look good on me! I can’t do it! I wasn’t kidding when I asked you the other day what it’s like to look perfect in cool sunglasses. It’s fine. I’m not really a sunglasses person anyway. I’d rather get transition lenses! (I’m still trying to bring them back.)

I love those Goober candles but I wonder how they melt? Do they get everywhere? How does one physically support a melting-by-design candle? It’s so cute though. I would name it Goober. I love Coming Soon so much. I want these boob hooks and this chair. Omg I just did a full scroll through and it’s too painful. It’s all too good. I can’t!!!

Speaking of painful, I would trade all my clothes for this Jacquemus blouse. We’ve officially become blouson women, at least emotionally.

Okay, I have to run, but to bring my original pant hunt full circle: I’ve been really drawn to utility pants lately so I’m refocusing in that direction. Stuff made of canvas (like these) or with cargo pockets, you know? I love these beige pants from NEED. I like the idea of storing things on the back of my left thigh, just in case. Do share whenever you spot an unnecessary pocket during your next market sweep. That’s all I ask!!!!

I leave you with a final question: Have you ever considered wearing an earring that’s wearing earrings????

On Apr 26, 2018 at 2:15 PM, Harling Ross wrote:

I don’t think I’d wear an earring that’s wearing earrings but I would absolutely wear an earring that’s wearing a face wearing an earring.


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