Those Dorky Headbands You Use to Wash Your Face? They’re Cool Now

I’m not making this up! I mean, I might be making this up, but I have a weird antenna that tells me when a trend is about to explode and right now that antenna is obsessed with face wash headbands — you know the ones: you wear them to work out or keep your hair dry while you’re lathering cleanser onto your face. You might even wear them while you’re complaining to your boyfriend about your boss, Miranda Priestly, while you refuse to eat the insanely delicious grilled cheese sandwich he just made with Dean & Deluca Jarlsberg cheese because you’re too worked up. I can’t speak to this with conviction because I don’t know about the specifics of your lifestyle but I do know one thing: where you go is where I want to be.

Can you even believe that I’m not drunk? I sure can. But back to the antenna! Given recent hints that have been dropped by such arbiters of good taste as Toteme’s Elin Kling, Khaite’s Cate Holstein, Victoria Beckham’s Victoria Beckham and Miuccia Prada (for Miu Miu), the evidence suggests that this tutorial will be more helpful than your 401k at retirement! Only not. But you will look cool, of this I am sure. Let’s have a look at the proof.

Leopard, Stripes and Pearls All Over

One way to offset the casual nature of your white, Amazon-branded, $2 face wash band is by decorating your face with makeup. A cat eye and red lipstick might not be for everyone — maybe chalky eyeshadow and plum lip gloss is more your thing — but you know what you like. What you may not know is that by layering two fake fur leopard stoles over a striped turtleneck and adding pearl earrings and gold accents at your leisure, you are giving your formal self a run for her money.

Behind All the Great Dresses, There is One Red Headband

Lol, that is actually not true at all, but imagine if every time a dress was made, a red headband near the North Pole died? At this point, I don’t even know what I’m saying but do you see how you can casual-ize an otherwise-formal dress, styled for a cocktail party with lurex socks, dramatic, striped sling backs and three different rhinestone earrings? Lest I forget the satin bag!

A Band for Your Head, A Band for Your Neck

If you have leftover ribbon from gift wrapping (or receiving) season, I recommend you hold on to it! Not only can it be recycled to wear in your hair but you can use it as a choker and even clip some earrings onto one of its tails as added decoration. Then you include some wacky sunglasses and more bracelets for your arm than you care to count and ba da bing, ba da boom: dressed to kill, only you’re very much alive.

Photos by Edith Young. Modeled by Tia Jonsson

Leandra M. Cohen

Leandra M. Cohen is the founder of Man Repeller.

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