Amelia and Leandra Tell Each Other What to Buy

On Fri, Nov 10, 2017 at 10:49 AM, Leandra Medine wrote:

Know the sales haven’t started yet (though maybe by the time we’re done e-mailing back and forth about this, they’ll be in swing!), but I still love these. Should I buy them, or has the window closed? (It’s 38 degrees RN!)

On Tue, Nov 21, 2017 at 8:25 AM, Amelia Diamond wrote:

Sorry for writing you back 10 days later, my dog ate my inbox.

I still want someone I know to get those Balenciaga mules but they seem too witchy in black. Even though witches rule. They’re not on sale yet??

Should I get this Staud two-tone fur coat or is $441 still too much? I also want this faux fur striped stole from J.Crew for under $60. It’s in their gift guide.

Speaking of, I know we’re about to do a Gift Guide for MR, but what are you buying other people? Are you a same-thing-for-everyone kind of gift shopper or do you like to get individual things? Part of me just wants to get everyone this Feu de Bois candle because it smells like firewood, tell them I love them and call it a day. Maybe that’s a bit of a cop out.

Also Everlane is currently selling the only outfit I want to wear right now:

This sweater and these stack-heel flats + jeans. Maybe Moussy (I like the wash on these).

…I’m all for dressing up but I don’t know what I have to make getting dressed so complicated sometimes. My closet is about one month away from needing to clear its throat.

On Tue, Nov 21, 2017 at 7:35 PM, Leandra Medine wrote:

I ordered the black satin Balenciaga mules. I had a $250 gift card at Saks and I can’t wait to channel the real main character in the Wizard of Oz. Also, they will allow me to continue to participate in fashion while my body begs for pajamas. This has been my go-to lewk:

Meanwhile, I love those Moussy jeans! I miss high-waist jeans so much, I’ll get these when my tenants move out, most probably to wear with this (should be going on sale soon, no?) and the aforementioned satin mules. And I’ll add these sunglasses.

But enough about hypothetical outfits, let’s talk HOLIDAYS!!! Why is picking out personalized gifts so hard? My dad always told me to buy people things I myself would want, but like…

I can’t even afford my wish list?

Love that Staud coat, btw, it’s not going to keep you warm though. Your ass is going to be free-balling. Freeze-balling, actually.

Hey, can you get this? I love it. So much fun with some striped wide leg pants or like, a tea-length leopard print skirt!!!

Wait, I change my mind about personal gifts, 100% getting you this:

That last one is a night light. Hehe.

On Wed, Nov 22, 2017 at 1:50 PM, Amelia Diamond wrote:

I love your tenants. And I think fancy pajamas are among the nicest things you buy, both for yourself and someone else. I include unicorn pajamas in that, thank you so much for thinking of me. Desmond & Dempsey pajamas are my favorite. Just got this gingham set. And absolutely yes I will get that Carven shirt. I am normally against one-armed things because they make no sense, insulation-wise, but sequins cancel all that nonsense out.

Everything is 50% off on NastyGal right now so I’m over there bookmarking…

This faux fur coat ($100!)
This check blazer ($50!)
This insanely cool red moto jacket ($80!) (it also comes in black but that’s less exciting)
This sheer star top that I think would look pretty over a black camisole tucked into high waist jeans for festive but low-key parties ($25)
And this striped rainbow sweater that is like a knit manifestation of Harling ($25)

Speaking of knit, would you ever do a green knit fit like this one from Mango? In the world of most boring but most practical thing I might ever buy, this check shopper bag, also Mango, under $50. It feels like the least-bag-lady solution to all my schlepping problems. I keep ripping shopping bags as I transport crap to and from the office.

Which brings up something that’s been on my mind lately: Between this and literally not knowing what to wear when it rains, do I just have to accept that in NYC, you either look chic but are impractically, uncomfortably dressed and miserable while commuting by foot and subway, or, you’re mobile force to be reckoned with…in a not-very-stylish outfit?

You’d think that after eight years I’d have this figured out.

(P.S. if this Tibi coat is waterproof I might bite the $647.00 half-off bullet…but couldn’t I also get a poncho at CVS for a buck??

On Wed, Nov 22, 2017 at 7:13 PM, Leandra Medine wrote:

Ooooh, that knit set from Mango! Cozytown, USA.

How do you feel about camo jackets? I like them for over a sequined dress or something, and it’s on sale, which is nice. Also, I don’t know this brand, but so like these shoes, and am v. much into pairing white shoes with white socks lately. And are you going anywhere hot soon? I like this crochet top; it’s $148.

Meanwhile, in holiday party outfitz: Express is low-key crushing the game. I’m sorry for that sentence. I’m so embarrassed about it but too lazy to delete it and rewrite it.

Does it concern or amuse you that I’m genuinely into bodycon dresses right now? I want to pair them with gigantic trench coats! Like-a-this. Or the Uniqlo x JW Anderson trench if it is still avail, which it is! It is!

Are you into glitter makeup? How about headbands? Sequined socks? Should we go into the year-round holiday accessory business or what?

On Sat, Nov 25, 2017 at 5:27 PM, Amelia Diamond wrote:

Whoa whoa whoa. That Uniqlo x JW Anderson trench is A) $79.00 B) Still available in an XL and C) SO GOOD. NOW I WANT IT. Do you think it really repels rain? I just don’t see the point of a trench if it does not, except for this one, because I still seem to want it even after that statement. (The Ulla Johnson one is realllyyy good, too.)

All for camo. I like that the one you sent me has a dinosaur patch on it. Re: bodycon… amusement. But I love a bodycon! Sorry for that sentence. Also, go Express. I poked around after you sent me those links and want this deep-V velvet top.

OF COURSE I AM INTO GLITTER MAKEUP. I just assigned out a story that’s essentially, “How to turn your eyelids into disco balls.” (Selfish ask as I’d love to know.) And I love headbands. I’d love a plaid puffy one for holiday season and a tortoise shell one to wear normally. But for the love of god can someone make a headband that doesn’t kill the bone/flesh behind your ears? Is Blair Waldorf just numb back there?

Sequined socks? Sure, why not. I bought a pair of multicolored speckled camp socks lately and they’re the true dream.

And yeah, we should become elves. For real.

Hang with me for a minute now while I skim the sales…

Just popped over to The Outnet: This Alice & Olivia (who knew!) two-tone faux fur jacket is cute. And then I went over to Barneys where I straight up fell in love with this Mayle “Matadora” earring set.

ASOS is doing 30% off with a code (EPIC30) which would make this plaid coat — which I really like but am not sure how warm it is! — $94.50. Yes or no, should I buy it?

And over at Vestiaire vintage…great gifts:

This Chanel bracelet ($275.00 so maybe mom-worthy)

This Burberry blazer with a velvet collar for $130.00…

And then there is vintage scarf after vintage scarf. I kinda want to get everyone one for Christmas?

Do you care about sunglasses right now or nahz? What about house slippers?

On Mon, Nov 27, 2017 at 11:27 AM, Leandra Medine wrote:

That Maison Mayle earring set!! If I was not trying to rid my life of stuff I don’t need I would buy those so fast. I love them so much. Maybe you should get them for me for the holidays, just a thought.

Yoox is doing some neat sale stuff too. I for one really enjoy these Dries sandals — I feel they are perfect for my new Palm Beach persona wherein I wear Lilly Pulitzer mini skirts. Do you hate these Céline guys, or what?

Meanwhile, this Pixie Market top would look great with some loose fit counter-print trousers, like the wool ones you have from AYR but these from J.Crew work too. If you don’t like the neckline on top numero uno, I invite you to suppose top numero dos.

Next up on my bodycon bender! This dress to wear with this jacket, these tights and these shoes (70% off!). You can also get the dramatic Altuzarra pearl headband or just make your own with Amazon. So 80s fab with a pair of earrings like this, no?

And from Matches, I know this Burberry top is still dumb expensive, but I like it so much. Do you think it will fit my pregnant ass? I picture it with high-waist jean shorts and a pair of satin mules for post-natal life and some extremely oversize jeans and ballet flats for current life. I also really enjoy this Balenciaga dress, it reminds me of old Balenciaga, but I think I’m gonna wait it out and see if it gets any cheaper.

On Mon, Nov 27, 2017 at 12:28 PM, Amelia Diamond wrote:

You’re finding so much fun stuff it’s killing me! I have been bitten by the shopping bug, hard. I see on Netflix right now there’s a doc about minimalism that I need to watch to calm myself the hell down so that I am reminded I don’t NEED any of the stuff.

Except I do think you need those Dries sandals. They are weird and blue and beautiful. Yes I hate the Céline ones!

I’m so happy you’re housing humans because it means I get to start buying them stuff and counting it as a gift for you but really it’s for your immediate kin.

OKAY. Here’s my thing with that Valentina blouse on Pixie Market. I LOVE THE SHAPE. I am just nervous I’m going to get sick of polka dots with the rest of the world pretty quickly (and while I’m a fan of the tartan IDK if that particular plaid is for me).

…Not sure why I’m even asking this but I should definitely get this Polo Ralph Lauren American flag sweater that looks like it has been pulled straight out of the 90s archives, right? It’s on sale for $114 on MyTheresa.

I love that Balenciaga dress…and that Burberry top, just from a co-sign AESTHETIC opinion.

Subject change: I’ve been thinking a lot about skirts! Pants have been boring the hell out of me and each time I put on a skirt it feels more fun. I’m just not sure how sustainable it is once winter really starts to hit, but for now, I really like this midnight blue/navy (weird wtf fabric?) one from Topshop and this navy crepe one, on sale, from Tibi.

P.S… that Tibi coat I brought up five days ago is now $518, final sale. Should I do it, yes or no?

Ugh it’s still so much.


On Mon, Nov 27, 2017 at 2:34 PM, Leandra Medine wrote:

That sequined dress!!! In it, you could be the hostess with the mostess, serving egg nog in this pitcher and pigs in a blanket on this tray. You could wear these shoes! And these earrings! It could be grand.

I noticed that you have quit pants — I assumed you were doing it in solidarity given how much space the tenants are taking up. Would you ever wear this one? I find it so darling with a top like this and some sheer socks and satin glove shoes like these Vince guys. Then you add this jacket because it’s the holidays and you can do whatever TF you want.

Meanwhile, I’m sooooo into the brand Khaite as of late, too. Look at this post-natal outfit I just concocted.

I miss high waist pants, see: a, b, c, the most, but, you know, it’s a small price to pay.

One last thing, to answer your earlier questions about sunglasses before I can’t talk to you anymore because I am too busy eating pumpkin soup:

On Mon, Nov 27, 2017 at 6:25 PM, Amelia Diamond wrote:

Ugh I hate pumpkin soup.

But I love Khaite too!!! All of it is so good. Those Benny mid-rise little kick flare cropped jeans (what a name) are the stuff denim dreams may or may not be made of. I’d wear them with no shirt for a real thrill/to save money, these gold coin earrings ($42.00, snatched), these green satin Miu Miu mules which are a lot but they’re also 40% off, and I’ve kinda had my name on them. OH SANTA… And yeah duh my skirt wearing is in solidarity with you + cave dwellers aka your tenants. Although those jeans just sort of swayed me back again.

You know what would make me feel chic and put together? This Ralph Lauren cabled cashmere travel set. Holy heck.

AND that hostess stuff you suggested.

In fact, I’m gonna wrap this up on a home beat.

Elephant book ends for $40.00! (A really good gift.)
Look at these great plates for $40.00 a set! Cool for glamping.
These mugs, also a 2-set for $40.00, go with.

Do you know what I am going to get my dad for Christmas? A robe. I love these Juniper book sets on Moda. The F. Scott Fitzgerald one is so pretty. Also I just got this coffee table book (a gift) and might re-gift it just because it’s cool but I’d rather pass on the good vibes. And last but not least because I can’t HELP myself, I love a bra! All lingerie is a gazillion off on The Outnet!


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