Team Man Repeller’s Holiday Wish Lists Are Chock Full of Feelings

December is the cheesiest month of the year.

Not just because everyone from here to Switzerland is eating more fondue, but also because there’s nothing like holiday spirit and an approaching new year to make you stop and take stock of who you are, where you’re headed and what you might need (or want) to help you get there.

It’s basically an emotional Hallmark/Kodak Moment all wrapped up into one — gift pun fully intended. And the best part? In December, “needs” and “wants” assume an entirely new identity: wishes. (I told you this month is cheesy as hell.)

I only remember making one actual, handwritten holiday wish list when I was a kid. It was the year I turned seven, and I scrawled on a scrap of paper that I would like the American Girl Doll Kirsten, please! I left it on the mantle above our fireplace for Santa to find that evening. The next morning, there she was, propped on a chair in her pioneer dress. A wish granted.

As I’ve gotten older, my wish list has grown with me. The items on it now are a little more abstract, and because of that, a lot less likely to be granted. Though I still crave the feeling of a fresh set of bedsheets, or a hairbrush that massages my scalp with angel fingers rather than bristles, my grander “wants” — a steadier supply of self-compassion, better sleep(s), the physiological courage to exist without blushing whenever I feel nervous or embarrassed or the center of unexpected attention — don’t fit inside a gift-wrapped box.

They still fit on a list, though, right alongside the aforementioned sheets and hairbrushes. It feels cathartic and maybe even a little bit magical (sorry — cheese month) to put them down on paper, from the small and attainable to the big and impossible.

Click through the slideshow to see Team Man Repeller’s 2017 holiday wish lists, and add your own in the comments section. I’ve started calling it MR’s digital feelings fondue pot. For this month only.

Photos by Louisiana Mei Gelpi.

Harling Ross

Harling is a writer and was most recently the Brand Director at Man Repeller.

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