Welcome to Honesty Month

You better put a binder over your nose and run, Pinocchio. It’s Honesty Month on Man Repeller.

Honesty is terrifying. It’s emotional nudity, and I’m not sure what’s scarier: flashing an audience of 3D lens-wearing judges, or flashing yourself in a Bed, Bath & Beyond store mirror (worst lighting of any store ever — thank god they don’t sell lingerie).

Honesty is also complicated. It’s allegedly the best policy, but it’s not always the most kind approach; in some cases, isn’t a white lie better? Is honesty all about the delivery? How do we apply all of this to our relationships (of every variety)?

Then of course, there’s honesty as it relates to fashion and style. Are we honest about why we buy what we buy? Does dressing like someone else — adopting a persona, wearing a mask of clothes, so to speak — mean we’re not being truthful? Or is it temporary make believe? …And what if dressing in a way that doesn’t yet feel authentic to us is the key to future success? Aren’t you supposed to dress for the job/life you want, fake it until you make it, or is that bullshit?

Over the course of October, we’re going to pull apart honesty like string cheese and explore it in its various forms. Down below, let us know anything and everything on your mind.

Photography: Edith Young
Creative Direction: Emily Zirimis

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond is a writer, creative consultant, and Man Repeller alumnus living in New York City.

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