6 Hoop Earrings That Are Caffeine for Your Face

Hoop earrings are less a trend and more of a constant, one that’s been reimagined over and over to the extent that they’ve evolved into something almost entirely different, like an everlasting gobstopper you’ve been holding on your tongue as it melts into a small, smooth pebble.

Certain cultural touchpoints come to mind. Janet Jackson on her That’s The Way The Love Goes album cover. Selena Quintanilla in the music video for “Amor Prohibido.” Diana Ross in Mahogany, paired with that amazing purple outfit which I can’t not mention in good conscience.

20170303_MR_Earrings9609 copy

Simone Rocha pearl and tooth hoops, YSL cream lip stain in “Explicit Pink”

Last summer, big-ass statement earrings of every shape and variety were having a general field day, largely thanks to the earlobe parties celebrated via Gucci, Rosie Assoulin and Proenza Schouler’s Spring 2016 collections. Guess who hopped on the dance floor? Hoops! No longer content with plain gold perfection, hoop earrings joined the walk on the wild side. Fast forward nine months, and hoops aren’t just hoops anymore. They’re candy. Text bubbles. Animal hammocks. Earlobe hula hoops. Fish bait. Charm bracelets. Pearl planetary orbits. It’s peak maximalism, not to mention peak fun.

If you haven’t yet, go ahead and dive head-first into the above slideshow for your ultimate whimsical hoop fix — at your own risk, though, because it’s guaranteed to make you want to turn your face into a miniature three-ring circus. I’ve personally taken the plunge and resurfaced with a gasp ten times over, leading me to seriously contemplate the acquisition of my very own pair of Smurf lips — because why not commit 100%?

20170303_MR_Earrings10061 copy

Elizabeth Cole gold charm hoopsDior matte lipstick in “Sunny”

Follow our model Melissa Brazilia on Instagram @melbrazilia. Styled by Leandra Medine with market assistance by Elizabeth Tamkin; photos by Tory Rust.

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