Might I Suggest: How to Get Dressed When It’s *Way* Too Hot

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As a team, we’re often fielding fashion-centric quandaries via Twitter, text and Instagram DM, so we figured, why not make it dot-com official? Welcome to Might I Suggest, the style advice column that solves your most elusive market searches and enduring style challenges. This week, Harling answers a seasonally-appropriate query from community member, Olivia:

How can I dress for unbearable heat but still find creativity in my closet?

I identify with this inquiry so deeply it resonates in the very marrow of my bones. Heat waves are abounding in major cities around the world, New York included. My armpits are never not moist. My rosacea is never not acting up. My hair is never not moonlighting as the most cumbersome of neck sweaters. I am never not devising schemes for how I can wear as little clothing as possible while still maintaining some semblance of personal style. Along the way, I’ve developed some salient outfit ideas that skirt within the bounds of acceptable nudity. Allow me to introduce you to them, ranked according to the percentage of nakedness you’re inclined to indulge in:

30% Naked? I Gotchu

Where 30% nudity is concerned, might I suggest a sleeveless shirt and shorts? But not boring ones, I promise. Not your typical white-tank-and-denim-cut-off fare. No! We’re here to beat the heat whilst simultaneously beating the same-sameness that haunts a wardrobe whenever dramatic weather comes along, and beat them we shall. Potentially with these purple shorts from LPA paired with this heavily discounted pleated dream from Rosie Assoulin. Oooh, or how about these delicious twill shorts with a hot pink tank that will chemically induce your brain to crave watermelon (well, maybe, but seems likely)?

60% Naked? Giddy-Up

If you’re aiming for the sweet, sweet bliss of 60% nudity, might I suggest a sheer dress? This black one with lace trim is super pretty, but I also love this white one for a more ethereal, nightgown-esque feel (doesn’t hurt that it’s 100% linen and $56.25 with the promo code REAL). Also very into this crochet option ($19.99!) from Urban Outfitters. What you wear under your sheer dress is, of course, up to you and the places you intend to wear it. A matching bra and high-waist underwear set can look quite cool, having tried that combo myself on numerous occasions. This one from Lonely Lingerie is a delicate treat, while this from Pansy offers more coverage. If you’re looking for more coverage in general than a bra and underwear have to offer, try bike shorts (Haley is obsessed with these from Cuyana) and a contrasting tank (I love these from Entireworld).

90% Naked? Let’s Do This

If you can get away with wearing a swimsuit as your shirt and little else, might I suggest doing so immediately? There are chic ways to do so without looking like you’re actually at the beach, I assure you. For example: layer this short-sleeved button down shirt over this bikini top and wear this skirt on the bottom. Voila! OR, wear this on-sale one-piece with these easy breezy linen pants. Flips flops optional but encouraged.

What outfit tricks do you have up your navel when it comes to staying cool while still getting dressed?

Photo by Corbis Historical via Getty Images.

Harling Ross

Harling is a writer and was most recently the Brand Director at Man Repeller.

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