A Short Girl’s Guide to Wearing Whatever You Want

Height, to me, has never been about limbs and genetics. Growing up, I was taught that with enough gumption and balance, even I – at five foot three inches – could attain mythic proportions. With the right heel, of course.

My mother claims to have married my father for his height. At four foot eleven, she saw in my father dreams of…what, exactly? Spawned athletes? Supermodels? Alas, the genetics of my mother, and my mother’s mother, and my mother’s mother’s mother before her, ensured certain vertical limitations.

After years of fighting my fate, one day I said, Fuck it. Gone were the Steve Madden pumps I was told would elongate my legs and the waist-pinching flares I hoped would do the same for my torso. Instead, I wore strappy shoes that cut my ankles in half and peasant skirts that “did nothing for my figauh.”

The Internet is replete with styles and trends that short women are advised to avoid. Chief among them: knee-highs, midi and maxi skirts, ankle-strap shoes and even the tunic. But what are fashion rules if not meant to be broken, right? Here, proof in photo form that being short doesn’t have to limit your style.

Photos by Edith Young.

Esther Levy

Esther Levy

Esther Levy Chehebar finally mustered up the courage to call herself a writer. She writes children's books for shitty parents on Instagram. Find her here.

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